Are your Members Getting What they Need?

How can you be sure your content, topics, frequency, and vehicles are meeting your members’ needs? 

Naylor’s communications gap analysis assesses how your members feel about your communication program, then provides actionable strategies to maximize member engagement.

We provide opportunities to bridge the divide between member needs, advertiser goals, and your association’s objectives. We work with you to:

  • Review your association’s mission and goals
  • Deploy comprehensive association surveys to staff, members, and advertisers
  • Analyze association survey results and find correlations
  • Detail hits and misses, and identify opportunities
  • Present strategies for closing the gap to reliably engage current and prospective members
  • Determine the right media mix, and provide data to maximize the impact of your communications investment






Build a Better Member Survey   


How well are you surveying your members?


Conducting surveys regularly is an important step to understanding who your members are and what’s important to them. But knowing how to properly launch a survey from start to finish — including implementation from those survey results — is often where associations fall flat.

If you want to receive meaningful feedback to make meaningful changes to your programs, follow the best practices outlined in our Build a Better Member Surveyinfographic.

Are you ready to bridge your member communications gap?

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