Association Fundraising and Non-Dues Revenue Services

To further your association’s mission, you need more income streams — it’s as simple as that. What’s not so simple is figuring out where to find those streams. It all begins with the right strategy development.

Naylor is extremely proactive in fundraising, securing nearly $8 million for our associations annually. By cultivating relationships with potential industry partners, navigating ever-changing regulatory issues and creating mutually-beneficial opportunities, our associations realize significant benefits in obtaining non-dues income from our proven development strategies.

Career Center Targeted Marketing and Advertising

Targeted marketing and advertising is a dynamic way to not only capture job seekers but also allows you to re-capture — or retarget— people who visit your career center after they leave your site and are surfing the web. Through targeted job enhancements, you can entice these job seekers back to your employer’s listings by showing them display ads that remind them about the exciting opportunities they saw on your career portal.

Naylor Does the Heavy Lifting

Naylor supports your fundraising drives, silent auctions, events and other initiatives while helping you develop more non-dues revenue by supplementing your team to help with traditional and non-traditional development roles.
We focus only on successful and efficient strategies for securing maximum return on investment (ROI) in fundraising. Our professional experiences in development allow us to focus our time effectively and only in areas that yield the greatest results.

Naylor’s Association Fundraising and Non-Dues Revenue Development Plans Include:

Defining Your Association’s Campaign

Working with your association, Naylor will confirm your top priorities and define and write your case statement and development campaign.

Market Research Analysis

Naylor aims at diversification of revenue sources, minimizing reliance on any single source of revenue. Our market research focuses on your current funding source evaluation and an exploration of new areas of opportunity.

Development Strategy

Naylor carefully tailors sponsorship packages based on individual prospects’ needs. Taking a multi-tiered approach to the fundraising packages.

Creating Long-Term Partners

At Naylor, we believe that sponsors and donors are an organization’s lifeline and we strive for partners that are complementary to your association. Naylor creates and implements a long-range plan that will keep contributors committed to your organization by developing and maintaining strong relationships.

Ready to find out how Naylor can develop deeper revenue streams for your association?