Industry-Sponsored Advertorial and Sponsored Content
for Association Publications

With association publications that span more than 80 industries, Naylor provides the incredible opportunity to add your company’s voice to our unrivaled print and digital publication distribution.
Naylor gives your company the opportunity to leverage our vast network of association publications with industry-targeted advertorial and sponsored content opportunities that position you as a trusted thought leader and solution provider.

Your educational, practical and solution-based content — geared toward solving a common problem or need within your chosen industry — offers your brand the opportunity to stand out with our readership.

Career Center Targeted Marketing and Advertising

Targeted marketing and advertising is a dynamic way to not only capture job seekers but also allows you to re-capture — or retarget— people who visit your career center after they leave your site and are surfing the web. Through targeted job enhancements, you can entice these job seekers back to your employer’s listings by showing them display ads that remind them about the exciting opportunities they saw on your career portal.

Naylor’s sponsored content and advertorial opportunities

  • Educate readers regarding the benefits of using your product or service.
  • Improve the credibility of your company.
  • Allow you to nurture your leads and enhance brand awareness.
  • Position your company as a leader in the independent agency channel.
  • Draw attention to a recent research study or white paper.

Want your brand to stand out with your industry’s associations, professionals and decision-makers?