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Your association career center is more than a job board. It’s your members’ competitive advantage.

Arm your members with the tools they need to increase their value to employers and grow their career with mentoring, learning resources, assessments, career fairs, certifications and more.

Naylor’s association career center solutions, anchored by our Boxwood Job Board platform, empower your association to increase member value and non-dues revenue.

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Career Center Fundamentals Webinar Series

Join us to learn how to use your association’s career center and job board more effectively! This new webinar series consists of 20-minute bites (or bytes) of information, covering a broad range of topics, to help your association expand its thinking about your career center's uses and benefits. Our in-house experts will show you how to use different career center modules more robustly to help deliver more value to your members and earn more non-dues revenue.

All webinars begin at 2 p.m. EST. All event dates, topics and speakers are subject to change.

Value to Your Association's Conference
Nov. 13
Five Ways Your Career Center Can Add Value to Your Association's Conference

Your association’s annual conference is a highly anticipated and attended event. How can your association’s Career Center enhance your members engagement? Join our webinar to learn the different ways you can add value to your events through your Career Center.
Data Hygiene, Why Bother?
Dec. 13
Data Hygiene, Why Bother?

We all know data is valuable. How valuable? Only to the extent that it is up to date and usable. Usable by whom? Either you as the Association or Employers as advertisers. We’ll take a dive into what data is available in the career center database and how cleanliness increases the intrinsic value of that data.
Internship Module
Jan. 15, 2019
Internship Module: Why Have One and How to Start One

Internships are key in helping students or recent graduates build experience. This can be incorporated into your existing career center. If you would like to learn more, join our webinar to hear the benefits of the Internship Module and the process to implement.
Leveraging Chapters
Feb. 19, 2019
Leveraging Chapters

Get by with a little help from your friends. Making the connection between national and state chapters. Join our webinar to learn the benefits and connections to create exposure and drive traffic.
Virtual Career Events
March 20, 2019
Virtual Events

Want an event that saves significant staff time, reduce costs, reach more candidates, and connect and development your membership? Virtual events are an excellent way to do just that. Join our webinar to learn the benefits of hosting a virtual event.


New webinars will be posted quarterly; check back often for additional career center topics!


Profitable bottom-line results: Our career solutions have generated $650 million+ in non-dues revenue for associations.

Increased member engagement

Attract talent to your industry and association with technology-based career solutions that drive 4.2 million+ visitors to our clients’ websites each year.

Exceptional employer value

Connect job seekers and businesses looking to hire qualified professionals. Employers generate 1 million job postings and 3 million candidate applications annually on our clients’ career centers.

Peace of mind

First-to-market innovations, monthly product releases, and advanced security and privacy features help you stay ahead of the competition.

Strategic guidance

Experienced account managers recommend best practices and perform regular account reviews to maximize your career center’s performance.

Only Naylor gives you a real-time comparison of your performance against other associations with similar characteristics. Gain insight on your career center’s performance and make improvements based on best practices. Segment benchmarks by industry, profession, geographies, association type, member size, and more.


Stronger Together: Career Centers + Communications

Communications that advance your goals, help members grow their careers, and increase your non-dues revenue stream? It’s our specialty.

Naylor’s career center and communications solutions work together to showcase your association, build your brand equity, and bring members, vendors, and businesses to your door.

Career development is the number-one reason people join associations. Make your organization a vital piece of your members’ career path by leveraging your content across your career center with meaningful, strategic content placement and integrated communications.

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