Strategic Event Planning and Event Assessment for Associations

World-class talent to strategize your event. Naylor knows events and understands how critical events are for your association’s success. Naylor’s goals are your goals – growing attendance, growing square footage, and growing revenue.

Naylor helps you maximize the value derived from live and virtual events – we’re uniquely qualified to help your association succeed in an ever-changing world. For over 50 years, Naylor has gathered best practices along with best-in-class tools and technology to deliver exceptional events for association partners.

Your association’s dedicated Naylor resources and account manager will:

  • Help your team create a detailed strategic assessment and deployment plan for each event
  • Facilitate a deep and thorough analysis of the event landscape, competitors, and member feedback
  • Produce a SWOT analysis to identify strengths, weaknesses and how to best build event scenarios that work for you
  • Draft a testing strategy, timeline with goals and objectives, pricing strategy, budget, marketing plan, reporting plan and a project work plan.

Career Center Targeted Marketing and Advertising

Targeted marketing and advertising is a dynamic way to not only capture job seekers but also allows you to re-capture — or retarget— people who visit your career center after they leave your site and are surfing the web. Through targeted job enhancements, you can entice these job seekers back to your employer’s listings by showing them display ads that remind them about the exciting opportunities they saw on your career portal.

Attract More Attendees, Exhibitors and Sponsors with Targeted Advertising and Retargeting

Your association desires more members and your events need more attendees, exhibitors and sponsors. Naylor can help. Leveraging targeted advertising and retargeting will help you reach more people outside of your existing network so you can grow your next event.

Want to learn more about how Naylor can leverage targeted advertising and retargeting to extend your online reach?