Email / Advertorial Ad Specifications

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These specs reference ads that comprise an entire sponsored email. For information about sponsored ad spaces within digital edition email or newsletters, please refer to this page or to an association’s individual media kit.


  • Client supplies, or Naylor will design for $50 fee.
  • Width: 610 pixels, Height: 1024 pixels.
  • Creative accepted: One file, JPG only. (No animation.)
  • File must created/saved in RGB color mode. (Most digital graphics and photos are already in RGB mode; check this by viewing the file properties.)
  • File must be a minimum 72 dpi.
  • One URL click tag is accepted.
  • See LIVE example here.


  • Client supplies HTML code. (Naylor does not provide HTML ad creation service.)
  • Width: 610 pixels, Height: Variable.
  • Inline styles only.
  • Message should be addressed as a general greeting and not include personalization such as Sir/Madam, Hello/Hi as no code will pull through even if included in the template submitted to add in a Name in the greeting.
  • Images/supporting files must be served from client server. (Naylor does not host files.)
  • Full absolute path for images/supporting file.
  • Third party tags and 1×1 tracking pixels tags not accepted.
  • One URL click tag is accepted.
  • See LIVE example here.

True Text Advertorial

  • 600×350 banner (.JPG – no animation)
  • File must be created/saved in RGB color mode.
  • File must be minimum 72 dpi.
  • One company logo (150 pixels wide max)
  • Company tagline (5-10 words)
  • 70-100 words of text
  • One URL/call-to-action link
  • See LIVE example here.


If you have questions or encounter problems that can’t be answered by this site, please call us at (800) 665-2456 and ask for one of our digital services representatives who will be happy to help you.