Standard Specs

  • Advertiser supplies the ad or Naylor can create an ad with supplied artwork and text.
  • Creative accepted: .JPG only. NO ANIMATION ALLOWED. (No Flash or .GIF files.)
  • Max file size 100 KB
  • Daily artwork rotation is not allowed although we encourage regular updates of your ad artwork. Please speak with your Naylor sales representative for details.
  • File must be created/saved in RGB color mode. (Most digital graphics and photos are already in RGB mode; check this by viewing the file properties.)
  • File must be a minimum 72 dpi.
  • Font size should be a minimum of 10 pts depending on the font family. Avoid using serif fonts.
  • Advertiser supplies URL ad should link to.
  • Third Party Javascript/iFrame tags are not accepted because ads are delivered through email.
  • Click-thru tags are accepted, such as UTM codes which can be built through Google UTM builder.
  • 1×1 tracking pixel tags are accepted along with the image file. Both must be provided by client/agency.

*Please note: Email addresses cannot be used as a URL/Web link.


Ad Sizes

Association eNewsletters have numerous ad sizes and restrictions. To make sure that you have the correct specs, please contact your Naylor Sales Representative or reference the media kit. Disclaimer: Please note that the mockup shows overall newsletter layout, but exact ad location on the newsletter will vary based on the amount of editorial content supplied each issue.

Large Rectangle (300 x 250 pixels)

Leaderboard (728 x 90 pixels)

Medium Rectangle (180 x 150 pixels)

Skyscraper (120 x 600 pixels)

Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600 pixels)

Vertical Rectangle (240 x 400 pixels)

Spotlight Tile Ad (125 x 125 pixels)

Vertical Banner (120 x 240 pixels)

Horizontal Banner (468 x 60 pixels)

Micro Banner (120 x 90 pixels)

300:100 Banner (300 x 100 pixels)

Mobile banner ads (320 x 50 pixels)

Company Spotlight (675 x 100 pixels)

  • Naylor can create.
  • Headline: Advertiser supplies 3-5 words (depends on the length of the words).
  • Summary Text: Advertiser supplies up to 50 words max (depends on the length of the words).
  • Advertiser supplies good quality logo to fit within 110 x 80-pixel image area.
  • Advertiser supplies URL ad should link to.

True Text Sponsored Content Ad

  • Image/Logo must be 180 x 150 px
  • Image/Logo format must be JPEG or .PNG file, @72 dpi, RGB
  • No animation
  • No contact info included
  • Image cannot be treated as a regular banner ad
  • Headline: Advertiser supplies 5-7 words
  • Summary text: Advertiser supplies 50-70 words
  • Headline/Summary text must be plain text and cannot contain HTML or odd characters.
  • Call to Action text: Advertiser supplies text (e.g. Click Here, Read More)
  • Advertiser supplies URL ad should link to.

True Text Product Spotlight Ad

  • Image/Logo must be 170×100 pixels
  • Headline: Advertiser supplies 3-5 words (depends on the length of the words; 2 lines of text).
  • Summary text: Advertiser supplies 25-35 words (depends on the length of the words; 9 lines of text).
  • Call to Action text: 3-5 words (1 line of text)
  • Advertiser supplies URL ad should link to.


If you have questions or encounter problems that can’t be answered by this site, please call us at (800) 665-2456 and ask for one of our digital services representatives who will be happy to help you.