Recognition and reputation drive attendance, participation, and revenue generation

Your event is all planned — now, to make it pay for itself. Naylor can help with proven event sales capabilities that increase revenue, while ensuring exhibitor satisfaction and repeat sales.

Your results? More square footage sold, more event revenue, a larger exhibitor pool, and more time to focus on delivering a valuable event for your members.

  • Vertical marketing to broaden event scope
  • Exhibitor seniority and priority programs
  • Market research and actionable results
  • Effective database management
  • Records maintenance and exhibitor payment collection
  • Exhibitor acknowledgment, confirmation, and invoice processing
  • On-site event floor management
  • Post-event exhibitor surveys


Consider some of our successful past events:

UMA Motorcoach Expo 2017

United Motorcoach Association

65,000+ net square feet Sold Out

NAFA Institute & Expo 2017

NAFA Fleet Management

60,000 net square feet Sold Out

AAMI Annual Expo 2017


30,000 net square feet Sold Out

NPE The Plastics Show

1,000,000+ net square feet Sold Out

What do these industry-leading events have in common? Naylor Association Solutions sold their exhibits and sponsorships. Come see what Naylor can do for your next event.

Does your association use the “wash, rinse and repeat” strategy when putting together sponsorship offerings for your annual event? Is it time for an event sponsorship makeover?

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Our Naylor sales team consistently sells 50 percent of next year’s show floor every year. Having the funds from pre-sold exhibit spaces up front allows us to immediately start investing in traditional programming as well as new innovations for future shows. These advance monies give our association a buffer with which to expand our event programming and test out new formats without sacrificing what we know works well with our members.

Phil Russo, CEO, NAFA Fleet Management Association

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