What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is a form of digital advertising that allows marketers to create highly targeted ad campaigns reaching their desired audience around the Web. For associations, this offers a way for you to extend your audience by selling ad campaigns to marketers allowing them to reach your site visitors after they leave your website.

How it can work for associations

Ad sales on your association’s website or career center. Naylor supplies the ads. Your association enjoys the revenue.

Retargeting campaigns connect businesses with your members and site visitors across the Web after they leave your association’s site

An Example:

The Naylor Retargeting Process

Potential customer (member/industry professional) visits your site.

They leave your site.

Later, they surf the web and your advertiser’s ad displays on various other sites they visit.

The ad captures their interest. They click the ad and take the advertiser’s desired action.

Retargeting value to the association

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