Programmatic Retargeting for Member Communications

Use programmatic retargeting to offer members a better online experience

While earning more non-dues revenue!

A perennial challenge reported by association professionals who take part in our annual Association Communications Benchmarking Study is cutting through the information clutter. Between the news, family life, personal hobbies and professional demands, your members are confronted with a daily deluge of information. Getting members to pay attention to the useful content in your member communication can be difficult.

Naylor’s Programmatic Advertising Network offers a cost-efficient way to promote your member programming and value using programmatic retargeting.

Programmatic Retargeting can help your association reach members better.

Use the data your already have about your association website visitors on Naylor’s secure programmtic retargeting platform to serve your visitors messages about your association as they surf the web. Programmatic retargeting helps you efficeintly and cost-effectively:

  • Remind members of the doors your association can open through educational programming and events.
  • Make it easy for members to check out your latest magazine or newsletter with a timely, well-placed ad as they browse the web.
  • Draw new members into your community by showing targeted audiences display ads that promote the exciting opportunities for professional growth that your association offers.



Programmatic Advertising: What It Is, What It Isn’t and What It Can Do for Associations

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The Case for Programmatic Retargeting with Your Association Communications

Associations looking to increase their member base, or bring disengaged members back into the fold can use programmatic retargeting to deliver highly relevant ads to both audiences. Our programmatic platform uses first-party data from your member database combined with third party data from website analytics programs to build an audience segment of industry professionals your association wants to reach. It’s secure and cost-effective to use.

Here’s how our programmatic retargeting network works with your member communications to increase content interaction, add advertiser value, and earn your association more revenue:


Category Contextual Retargeting Icon

Prospecting Campaigns


Based on the data and characteristics from users who registered, build a campaign that collects industry professionals with browsing habits similar to your existing association members.

Site Retargeting

Site Retargeting


Your campaign places a cookie on the user’s browser to follow their activity when they leave your website. This enables you and your advertisers to display ads on other sites they visit to encourage them to return to yours. Learn more about retargeting.

Contextual Targeting


Advertise to your target audience based on the category and keywords on the sites they visit that are categorically relevant to your advertisers’ businesses and your association’s industry.

Once your association has implemented programmatic retargeting on your member communications, you can expect to enjoy:


Increased Organic traffic

Increased Organic Traffic

Members and stakeholders who are shown ads for your publications and events are more likely to take a second look — and take full advantage of your member communication. Retargeted website visitors are 70 percent more likely to return to a website they see ads for.

Increased Branded Search

Increased Branded Search

Display ads increase brand searches up to 38 percent after four weeks of exposure. Retargeted web users are more likely to type your association or publication brand into a search engine after seeing ads for it on other websites.

Increased Conversions


Conversions among retargeted members can reach as high as 26 percent! Increased ROI and conversions from individuals who are more engaged with your communications because of relevant, retargeted ads make efficient use of your digital advertising efforts.

Enjoy increased non-dues revenueWhat could your association do with the non-dues revenue you earn from programmatic retargeting?

  • Enhance a member education and certification program?
  • Fund scholarships that attract fresh talent to your industry?
  • Bring on in-demand speakers for your next event?

Programmatic retargeting, with its potential for increased non-dues revenue thanks to its ability to spur audiences with specific characteristics to action, can fund those goals and more. Through Naylor’s Programmatic Retargeting Network, use your existing member communication data to reach more professionals, re-engage inactive members, and improve advertiser relevance. The extra non-dues revenue that results from programmatic’s highly-effective ROI is an incredible bonus!

Programmatic advertising ranked #10 out of 12 when asked what vehicles associations use to drive traffic to their website.

29% of associations report they are actively running a programmatic retargeting ad campaign.

Source: 2019 Association Communications Benchmarking Study and Association Adviser



Use programmatic retargeting to grow your potential membership


How can programmatic advertising benefit your association?

Programmatic advertising has been a staple in the B2C space for many years. B2B and associations are catching up. In 2018, almost 90 percent of B2B marketers are purchasing a portion of their online advertising programmatically. Learn about 3 ways your association can benefit from custom retargeted advertising.

Increase your member communications' effectiveness with programmatic advertising

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