Programmatic Retargeting for Career Centers


  • Looking to drive more job seekers to your career center?

  • Need to show employers the value of posting jobs on your career center versus an aggregator like, or a competing association?

  • Want to earn more non-dues revenue from your career center?

Programmatic advertising is your gateway to an expanded digital audience – for your association as a whole and within your career center. Stay competitive in the job board arena by offering employers the opportunity to attract active candidates across the web through programmatic job enhancement.

Programmatic job enhancement is our way of describing the ability for your association to recapture or retarget people who visit your career center after they leave your site and are surfing the web.

Draw these job seekers back to your employer’s listings by showing them display ads that remind them about the exciting opportunities they saw on your career portal.

Career Center Programmatic Retargeting Diagram

With programmatic job enhancement, your career center can stay competitive with large aggregators and remain top of mind among your industry’s best, most ambitious talent.

Retargeting on your career center increases the value of your employers’ job posts by:

  • Targeting key industry audiences for repeat listing views and application as well as similar audiences who haven’t yet visited your online career center.
  • Increasing job post exposure to your career center’s visitors after they leave your site
  • Improving employer brand awareness by showing job seekers the listings in which they’ve shown interest on your carer portal

Benefit from your employers’ increased visibility with:

  • Increased traffic to your association’s career center
  • A more personalized member experience, engendering greater member loyalty
  • Increased non-dues revenue from additional employer postings



Want a more in-depth introduction to programmatic advertising for your career center? Watch our 30-minute on-demand webinar about how associations can benefit from programmatic advertising. Download the webinar here.


The Programmatic Advantage Webinar on Laptop

The Case for Joining a Career Center Programmatic Network

Associations can use programmatic advertising to serve highly relevant ads about open career opportunities to potential job applicants in their industry who have visited the career center or have similar browsing habits.

Here’s how our programmatic network syncs with your career center to collect more visits, increase your job listings’ value, and earn your association more revenue:


Site Retargeting

Site Retargeting

Our programmatic platform places a cookie on the user’s browser, allowing you to follow their activity when they leave your website. Display ads on other sites of interest to your target audiences about job postings they viewed to encourage them to return to your career portal. Learn more about retargeting.

Search Ad icon

Search Retargeting

Use job applicant’s search queries to advertise open positions on your career center once they’ve left your website. Recruit job seekers of similar characteristics as your site visitors using retargeting.

Category Contextual Retargeting Icon

Category Contextual Targeting

Advertise to members and job seekers based on sites where the content is categorically relevant to your association’s industry.

Once your association has implemented programmatic advertising on your career center, here’s the kind of success you can expect to enjoy:


Increased Organic traffic

Increased Organic Traffic

Job seekers who are shown ads for your career center are more likely to take a second look — which increases the chances they’ll apply for your employers’ positions. Retargeted website visitors are 70 percent more likely to return to a website they see ads for.

Increased Branded Search

Increased Branded Search

Display ads increase brand searches up to 38 percent after four weeks of exposure. Retargeted job seekers are more likely to type your career center brand into a search engine after seeing ads for it on other websites.

Increased Conversions

Increased Conversions

Conversions among retargeted users can reach as high as 26 percent! Increased ROI and conversions from job seekers who are more comfortable with your career portal because of relevant, retargeted ads make efficient use of your digital advertising budget.

Your association possesses industry-specific data through your online properties that can connect members and employers to your association’s benefits.

Through Naylor’s Programmatic Network, you can use this data to maximize non-dues revenue, increase member engagement and improve advertiser relevance.

Expand Your Career Center's Reach with Retargeting

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