Advancing Careers and Generating Revenue Even in Challenging Times

Attract job seekers and qualified prospects, advance your members’ careers, and grow your non-dues revenue with Naylor’s job board platform.

Designed with your members in mind, Naylor job boards are for all types of associations — large and small; trade and professional.

Our job board platform requires no technical expertise from your association staff. Provide career advancement tools for your members as they navigate the job market during this difficult time, and a revenue-earning hub for your association with a few clicks.

We are an endorsed ASAE provider!

Naylor Association Job Boards on Tabelt and Mobile Phone


Be top of mind

Increase your association’s brand awareness and your impact by keeping your brand front-and-center. All content, design, marketing and pages reflect you, your association, industry, and brand identity. We promise no subtle vendor promos or plugs – it’s just not our style.

Cultivate engagement and relationships

Connect the right people with the right jobs to cultivate member loyalty, trust and advocacy—more active, engaged members ready to spread positive news about your association. Our association job board platform increases the value of association membership for members and employers.

Naylor Association Job Boards on Desktop and Mobile Phone

Naylor Association Job Boards on Mobile Phone


Attract more members

Drive traffic to your site, nurture prospects, and further prove the value of membership in your association. Job boards are often the No. 2 most-trafficked section of an association’s website. It’s a resource members value!

Convert postings into profit

Generate non-dues revenue from paid job postings and featured advertising while building brand value for your association in your industry. More non-dues revenue means more to invest in your members’ professional goals. Boost sales with industry-specific, data-driven marketing campaigns that provide purposeful touchpoints for your brand and advertisers.

Naylor Association Job Boards on Desktop

Naylor Association Job Boards on Desktop and Mobile Phone


Grow your value and ROI

Achieve tangible results with powerful dashboards and data extraction tools. Backed by strong analytics capabilities, our team works with you to uncover insights and take informed, data-driven action that pushes your association closer to its goals.

“The reporting tools are fantastic. We have the ability to get quick snapshots of our revenue, look at individual postings and gauge whether or not our promotional packages are working.”

Association of Corporate Counsel

One Powerful Job Board Platform, Unlimited Opportunity

With Naylor, our associations enjoy an average 30% increase in non-dues, career-related revenue thanks to our motivated job posting team.

Grow Your Online Career Center's Content

Refreshing or creating career center content from scratch doesn’t have to be intimidating. Chances are, your association already has plenty of helpful career resources to display on your job board. You just need to get organized about the project.

Download our infographic about creating a first-class, content-rich career center and learn six tactics for improving your career center’s content.

Grow Your Career Content

Grow Your Association's Online Career Center Content

“The aggregates industry is in desperate need for workers and the Boxwood GO platform was perfect for us. Not only was it simple and cost effective, it was easy to create a job board that looked and felt like another page on our site, and the pre-populated jobs made the site very attractive to job seekers. Our members started using it shortly after launch and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Bailey Wood, Vice President of Communications and Community Relations, National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association

Naylor’s Career Center Best Practices Guide

Turn your career center into a revenue-generating, member-engaging superstar. This eBook explores four major areas of career center optimization to help you gain valuable insight and start the conversation about career center.

Whether your career center is a well-oiled machine or a new asset to your association, these best practices can take your career center to the next level.

Get the eBook

Career Center Best Practices eBook Cover

Boxwood GO – A great way to get started

A first of its kind job board, Boxwood GO is optimized for the association that needs a simple, easy-to-use solution with minimal ongoing maintenance.

GO launches in minutes, is automatically populated with relevant job content, and is branded for your association and site. GO’s simplicity and low monthly fees make it the perfect solution for associations with small budgets and big goals.

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