Meet Your Members Where They Are - Online

Ensure Your Magazine Content is Easily Accessible and at the Fingertips of Your Members.
As an extension of your magazine, this platform gives your association the ability to deliver content to members on a regular basis and be seen as the go-to resource for industry news and updates. Developing a magazine microsite allows your members to consume your content in a digital format while offering them the opportunity to view past articles with up-to-the-minute information about your industry, events and news.
Extend the Life of Your Magazine
Take your content beyond the pages of the magazine. Republishing articles on a microsite can extend the reach and increase the views on each article. Organize all your published articles by theme to make it easier to find, highlight sponsored content, and promote your magazine.
Generate Non-Dues Revenue
Create an additional revenue stream with content that is already created. Advertisers will have another opportunity to get in front of your members.
Create a Sense of Community and Connective Tissue
Your microsite is an extension of everything your association has to offer. Add a calendar section for your upcoming events, podcasts, widgets and more!

Learn more about magazine microsites and how having one could benefit your association!