Harness the Power of Naylor’s AI for Associations Newsletters
and Careerbriefs

Redefine what your members expect out of an eNewsletter.
Naylor’s new artificial intelligence-powered eNewsletter increases member engagement with your association’s content while reducing staff effort and driving more non-dues revenue. Enjoy increased open and click rates, plus the additional advertiser value that comes with more engaging member communication, with Naylor’s AI NewsBrief.

Benefits Of An AI-Powered Newsbrief:

Machine learning software examines preferences over time

Algorithms curate content based on user behavior

Reduces staff time spent on newsletter creation and customization

Builds value for members

Increased open rate — up to 3x those of traditional newsletters

Increased click-through rate

Earn non-dues revenue through newsletter advertising

Increased open rate and click rate build value for advertisers

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Create a More Engaging Career Resource in Minutes

Redefine your career center by delivering hyper-relevant job postings and job market insights to members and job seekers. Increase opens and clicks on your career-specific communications while driving more traffic to your career center and job board. Naylor offers associations of all sizes the ability to provide personalized professional and career development resources without overburdening your content staff.
Knowing which subjects are of the highest interest to your members and job seekers will help you better decide the nature of your future content as well as how to position sponsorship opportunities to employers. Take advantage of artificial intelligence to engage more professionals and increase your association’s non-dues revenue.

Benefits of an AI-Powered CareerBrief:

The algorithm curates jobs and content for individual recipients

Machine learning software examines preferences over time

Reduces staff time spent on newsletter creation and customization

Builds membership value

Increases visits to your association's career center

Earns non-dues revenue through employer advertising

Builds more advertiser value through increased opens and clicks

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How the AI Technology Works:

Our AI technology utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to refine AI NewsBrief content for individual recipients based upon their personal digital consumption patterns. Over time, the AI platform learns members’ preferences through opens and clicks and automatically customizes the subject line and content for individual recipients –

Why Use AI for Association Newsletters:

Associations are producing and sharing valuable content for their members, but with businesses and individuals sending 246.5 billion emails daily, it’s easy for that information to get lost in a crowded inbox. Members are more likely to open and read an email newsletter that is unique and targeted to their specific interests. Member engagement with your newsletters is a natural result of this process. AI allows you to personalize your communications at scale, reducing the time your staff spends on newsletter creation, customization and distribution.

Ready to take advantage of this technology in time for your next issue and increase the quality and engagement of your member eNewsletters?