CareerCenter-LandingPageBoost careers and build loyalty with our innovative suite of products.

For nearly 20 years, Boxwood clients have generated $500+ million in non-dues revenue through their career centers. Built exclusively for associations, a Boxwood Career Center puts your brand—not ours—front and center. In addition to building the association’s brand, this approach generates significantly better SEO results for your association’s website. A state-of-the-art, fully transparent reporting platform guarantees real-time access to crucial data, including revenue generated from your job postings.

The Boxwood technology platform and approach to the market is unique.  Everything is geared to promote an association’s job board, promote membership and demonstrate value to members.  Our association-focused approach also helps you secure one of your most valuable assets—your data. Your association—and your association alone—controls your data.  Boxwood will never use your data for our own purposes. We only succeed when your career center thrives.  Associations have taken notice:


Boxwood is the leading career center solution for associations and the only one endorsed by ASAE every year since 2002.

Boxwood is the industry leader with the first network, e-mentoring system, mobile-optimized job board and career center Facebook application, to name a few. Deliver top-notch professional development and advancement opportunities with Boxwood Career Solutions.

Career Center Content Solutions is another “first” we’re proud to offer. Launched in 2015, this service ensures associations are delivering more than just jobs through their career center.  Robust professional development content integrated with your career center makes it a go-to resource for all members–not just your job seekers.

Job Boards

Boxwood Job Boards Work For Your Association



Increase your association’s membership value: Connect your members, employers, and other industry stakeholders for career networking benefits.


Improve your association’s visibility: Build relationships and increase your brand and relevance in the industry.


Earn more non-dues revenue: Generate even more revenue using our sales team of over 200 professionals.


Create quality content for your members: In addition to job listings, your job board can host industry news, interview tips, blogs and other career resources for your members’ professional enrichment.


Our career centers have helped our clients generate $500+ million in revenue for their associations.


We offer job board solutions for all types of associations—professional and trade, large and small:


BoxwoodGoNewBoxwood GO, the first of its kind job board, is designed for the association that needs a simple, easy-to-use job board that requires minimal ongoing maintenance. GO launches in minutes, is automatically populated with relevant job content and is completely branded to your site. The simplicity of GO and low-monthly fees make it the perfect solution for associations that think they are too small or don’t have a large enough market for a job board.


BoxwoodProNewBoxwood PRO, our flagship product, is a full-featured career center designed for associations working to position their organization as the go-to destination for all career-related information in their industry. The PRO product integrates with strategic applications like your AMS, learning platform or private social network while also providing a platform for significant revenue generation and member engagement.


BoxwoodEntNewBoxwood ENTERPRISE, our most-comprehensive solution, is developed for associations that view their career center as an integral part of their association’s strategy. The ENT solution is built on the Boxwood PRO technology platform and includes a rich set of services including data analytics, SEO analysis, campaign development and a dedicated sales team.


How can Boxwood’s job board solutions enhance your association’s member career services?

  • Pricing plans starting as low as $49 per month.
  • 30-day free trial. No contract. No commitment. Cancel any time.

Basic RGB

  • Customizable pricing
  • Contact us for details


Career Content

There is a dynamic synergy between education and career advancement. Incorporating professional development content into your existing career center can create an integrated online community that further engages existing members, attracts new members, improves your SEO, and creates non-dues revenue opportunities.

Boxwood’s Standard Career Learning Center is a free module that comes with every Career Center.  It includes effective, high-impact content to suit all learning styles. From video and webinars to self-assessments and white papers, we deliver evergreen content for your members, and update it regularly to keep your visitors coming back.

We can also help associations strategically think through and execute their career content strategy to ensure it meets the needs of your members.  We provide 3 tiers of career content solutions:

Tier 1

Tier 2

Full Career Center Gap Analysis

Initial Consultation (discussion of association goals overall and for career center;
current career center/communications overview; integration recommendations; case study
presentation; initial survey question review)

Survey (questions finalized;process managed by Boxwood Career Solutions; results and
recommendations assimilated for association report)

Full Report and Presentation for Your Association and Board of Directors

Full-Service Content Creation and Delivery Program

Produce customized career center entry pages and populate with original, existing and
aggregated content based association goals/objectives and gap analysis results

Tier 3

Career Content Audit

Strategic Recommendations, Scenarios and Case Studies

For associations that want a comprehensive learning destination with continuing education content, certifications and webinars, we offer a full learning management platform to make these materials easily accessible to all of your audiences.


View our webinar about career center best practices


Visit the Online Learning Solutions section of the site to learn more.


A Boxwood Career Learning Center attracts more visitors and keeps them coming back. Satisfy your members’ desire to enhance their careers and be lifelong learners.

Career Fairs: Virtual and Onsite

Career fairs are an important component in helping members advance their careers.  Onsite career fairs often accompany annual meetings, while virtual career fairs have been gaining popularity as a way to complement in-person events. Leveraging the expertise of our event solutions and communications businesses, Boxwood can fully manage and market onsite and virtual career fairs for associations.

Virtual Career Fairs

CareerCenterSolutions_Virtual-and-OnsiteBoxwood’s Virtual Career Fairs are another way for your association to play a key role in the career development of your membership, drive traffic to your website, and generate non-dues revenue. Job seekers learn about employers, view and apply for positions, and even chat with recruiters. Employers gain access to your highly qualified talent pool without the expense associated with in-person events.

Virtual Career Fairs increase the visibility and value of your career center. They also serve as a great extension of traditional onsite career fairs by allowing you to offer a virtual “meet and greet” a few days before the live event to enhance the in-person experience. They also build your employers’ audience through the requirement that all virtual fair attendees register with your career center.

Boxwood will help you every step of the way. We’ll market the event to your job seekers and employers, manage the customer service for employers and job seekers participating in the fully integrated virtual career fair event. We’ll even manage the billing/collections for the job posting and registration fees employers pay to attend the event.

And, the Virtual Career Fair comes integrated with your Career Center enabling you to cross-promote each service – increase your site traffic and revenue opportunities at the same time!

Virtual Career Fairs Are A Win For Everyone!

For Your Association

  • Enhance your association’s brand with this innovative service
  • Increase the visibility and value of your career center
  • Drive traffic to your website – engage members, prospects and employers
  • Boost non-dues revenue from both the virtual career fair and the year-round career center
  • Streamline the experience for employers and job seekers
  • No cost and no staff involvement required from your association

For Your Members (and Prospects)

  • Participate in targeted virtual career fairs at no charge
  • Provides opportunity for one-on-one interactions with hiring managers
  • Raises awareness of your association for helping them find a better job
  • Appeals to candidates looking for informal conversations with potential employers and other individuals who may be hesitant to participate in onsite events where confidentiality may be an issue

For Your Employers

  • Convenient and efficient screening of high-quality candidates
  • Engage with talented job seekers in real time
  • Conveniently preview resumes online
  • Conduct targeted, confidential searches of the resume database
  • Find the right candidates without the expense of an on-site event
  • Engage with “passive” currently employed candidates who may not be ready to apply to jobs, but are very interested in more informal conversations with employers

Onsite Career Fairs

Boxwood offers career center-onsite career fair integrations that synergistically promote career opportunities for both employers and job seekers in your industry.  These services further enable your association to promote your career center as part of a year-round hiring solution.

For Your Job Seekers

  • Flag their resume in the resume database, identifying themselves as career fair attendees.
  • Identify times that they are available for interviews through a calendar tool.
  • View jobs that will be discussed at the career fair.
  • Communicate with employers using the messaging tool.

For Your Employers

  • Register for the event and buy job postings in advance.
  • Schedule interviews using the Career Fair calendar tool.
  • Use the messaging feature to communicate with candidates about an opportunity.

Whether it is virtual or onsite career fairs, let Boxwood help you make them a success.

CareerWire Newsletters

CareerCenterSolutions_CareerWireCareerWire helps your association become the leading source of industry-related updates and job openings.

CareerWire is a monthly eNewsletter focused on industry, employment and hiring trends specific to each association.  Integrated with your career center, CareerWire also includes a feed of job openings to drive traffic back to your association’s career center.

Boxwood has taken the eNewsletter expertise of Naylor and integrated the career center know-how of Boxwood to create a powerful hybrid. CareerWire combines the engaging power of career-related news with the attraction of current job listings and employment-focused content.

Boxwood editors curate industry-specific content relevant to an association’s members on a monthly basis. Headline news from their industry, a “market watch” outlook and forecast section, as well as job listings and career-related information.  A typical CareerWire issue will also provide four advertising opportunities for an association to earn non-dues revenue. Boxwood does all the work with little to no staff involvement needed by an association.

Career Center Networks

CareerCenterSolutions_Download_TappingPowerExpand the reach and power of your job board by connecting to Boxwood’s Career Center Network. Your association’s job board will be linked to others in your industry. Connecting associations into one network expands the reach of your association while at the same time neutralizing the competition. Plus, the extra jobs posted will be branded to your site.

Download our eBook, Tapping the Power of Career Center Networks

Associations that are part of Boxwood career center networks generate 20 percent more revenue than non-network associations.

  • Your association immediately taps into a larger network of employers and job seekers that can be leveraged to generate non-dues revenue, increase your online presence, and gain association prospects.
  • Your talent pool will benefit from unprecedented exposure to their resumes and an increase in job opportunities.
  • Corporate members gain an improved ROI with more exposure and access to a larger database of qualified industry candidates.
  • Jobs that get posted to your site from members of a Boxwood network will be branded to your site. Visitors will give you credit for the posting.
  • We will not post jobs through a network that require someone to register on another site – we don’t want to help your competition.

Associations in Boxwood-managed networks are the best in their industry.


Boxwood networks include:

  • National Healthcare Career Network
  • Engineering & Science Career Network
  • Financial Job Exchange
  • Legal Job Exchange
  • Life Sciences Career Network
  • Sports & Athletics Career Network
  • Diversity Talent Network
  • Marketing Career Network
  • Veterinary Career Network

Job Posting Sales

Maximize non-dues revenue without hiring your own sales team. Boxwood’s Job Posting Sales Team is comprised of experienced, tenured sales professionals that deliver results straight to your bottom line. We can supplement your current efforts or take over the entire process. Boxwood will work with you to develop a sales script and follow-up materials to support your association brand guidelines. We will call on your behalf, keeping your message on target and your image professional.


Mentoring Services

Steer your program in any direction that you choose with one of our flexible mentoring solutions.


Lack of mentoring expertise, staff resources and a shortage of high-quality training materials are some of the greatest barriers that associations experience with mentoring programs. Boxwood solves this challenge by delivering flexible mentoring solutions for your association to launch (or enhance an existing) mentoring program.

The choice is yours. Pick and choose only what you need with à la carte tools and resources to run your own program, utilize one of our mentoring plans for basic support all the way to a fully managed program with sponsors, OR work with us to create a customized solution that is specific to the unique needs of your association.

To get started, please contact your Boxwood account manager or send an email to

Employer Services

Boxwood understands the challenges that associations have attracting employers to advertise on their sites. That’s why we have developed an arsenal of full-featured products for you to provide employers to reach job seekers through your site.

We offer everything from the basic offerings such as featured job advertising to the advanced options like sophisticated job distribution using advanced SEO and SEM. Give your employers all the options to ensure success. All of these options are additional opportunities for you to generate revenue.

Products Offered

  • Featured Jobs: Featured jobs appear on job seekers’ home pages generating more attention and better response.
  • Featured Employer: Featured Employer’s profiles appear on the association’s career center, in search results and in emails to job seekers.
  • Newsletter Add-Ons: Help employers leverage the power of their email marketing lists by integrating job postings into eNewsletters.
  • Recruitment Assistance: A Boxwood Recruitment Concierge gives employers the power of a full-time recruiter without investing the resources.
  • Resume Search: Resume search provides customized search options for both employers and employees. Targeted searching saves time.
  • Banner Advertising: Banner ads allow employers to build brand recognition, promote their open positions as well as their companies.
  • Print Integration: Give employers the option to incorporate print publications into their recruiting strategy.

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