Third Party Integrations

Integrate Your Existing Association Software and Tools with Naylor’s Career Centers and AMS

Different from anything else in the association market, the Naylor Marketplace is an online app store for third-party software applications with your Naylor AMS and Career Center. Whether it is your favorite email platform, online community or event app, we make it easy for your staff to plug member and program data into best-in-breed tools via your association management software or career hub. These integrations take place in minutes and require no technical expertise from your association staff.

Integration-friendly solutions that make it easy for your software applications to work together.

Associations have told us that switching to a new AMS or updating a career center can be a pain in part because many association management software systems don’t “talk” with their email platforms or eCommerce software. We listened, and we’re proud to introduce this unique, first-of-its-kind app store for associations wanting continuity with their existing tools and flexibility for future technical growth.

The Naylor Marketplace makes it easy for associations to integrate their existing software applications with a Naylor AMS or Career Center and experience a more efficient workflow between the platforms where member data is stored and the tools used to produce your member communication, events, education programs and outreach.

With Naylor, you get the freedom of choice and the flexibility you need to manage your association the way you want.

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Create more valuable member experiences with Add-Ons

We help our clients think beyond the core features of our association software and look for ways to create more meaningful member experiences.

Add extra membership-enhancing capabilities to your association’s AMS and career center platforms through Naylor Marketplace’s add-on modules. Naylor Marketplace’s Add-Ons make expanding your association’s member engagement simple while improving the baseline functionality of your core systems.

Types of Add-Ons include:


Mentoring Module

Events Module

Jobseeker Resources Module

Job Import from Naylor Job Boards

Directory Module

Student Internship Module

Certifications Module

Customize your AMS or Career Center with Naylor Marketplace.

We’re continually launching new integration categories and applications to the Naylor Marketplace. Check out some of our current integrations:

For association management software:

Simple integrations let the association easily design the user experience that makes most sense for their members.


QuickBooks logoNow available! Export your AMS income to QuickBooks in minutes. This integration allows your staff to generate QuickBooks Desktop or Online import files with just a couple clicks. Our AMS integration supports uniquely identified file exports that will allow your staff to validate, store and audit all entries in your QuickBooks account.


SurveyMonkey LogoSeamlessly send data from membership surveys, event reviews and more to your AMS database through our SurveyMonkey connector. SurveyMonkey offers the ability to design templated, scientist-approved surveys that reach the people that matter most to your association. When combined with the data in your Naylor AMS, this integration can help you extract and share actionable insights that drive your association forward.


Aventri Event Management PlatformAventri is an event management platform that allows your event data to flow from registration to website, email marketing and more. Aventri’s event management platform is built to have the power and flexibility that global enterprises need but with the ease of use and scalability that event planners, certified meeting planners, association executives and attendees love. Our Marketplace app facilitates the integration of this event management platform, formerly known as eTouches, into the Naylor AMS Solution.

For career centers:

Diversifying product offerings differentiates your career center and delivers educational content to help members advance their careers.


TopResumeA polished resume can give you a competitive hiring edge. Associations that install the TopResume integration on their Naylor online career center give members free, one-time resume evaluations from the TopResume team. Members who upload their professional resume to the app receive constructive feedback regarding content, keywords and layout from a certified resume writer – often within 24 hours.


Credly logoIntegrating your career center with Credly’s digital credentialing solution helps you incorporate skills recognition into your programs and helps your members stand out from the crowd – making them more readily discovered by employers. Credly offers exceptional power and scalability to global organizations; innovative education and training providers; assessment publishers and professional associations who seek to modernize their credentialing operations and recognition programs.

For association management software and career centers:

Constant Contact

Email is still one of the most effective ways to reach mass audiences across industries—whether it’s to increase awareness of an issue, earn conversions on an offering, or to retain members. Streamline your email and list management efforts by linking this popular email platform to your Naylor career center. Then enjoy the fruits of amplified marketing combined with constantly up-to-date member data.

Higher Logic Marketing Automation

Email personalization and segmentation are no longer nice-to-haves, but essential tools for efficient and scalable member engagement programs. If your association uses Higher Logic’s Marketing Automation tools, you’re in luck: Naylor’s AMS and career centers integrate with Higher Logic’s tools—including Informz and Real Magnet—with just one click! These integrations eliminate the need for manual data exports and uploads between platforms by enabling your association to automatically push data from email campaigns within  these platforms to your AMS or online career center.

Learn more about integrating the tools you need into your AMS or Career Center.

Adding apps to your member software or career center is a snap with Naylor Marketplace. Let us show you how!

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