Third Party Integrations

Integrate Your Existing Association Software and Tools with Naylor’s Career Centers and AMS

Different from anything else in the association market, the Naylor Marketplace is an online app store for third-party software applications with your Naylor AMS and Career Center. Whether it is your favorite email platform, online community or event app, we make it easy for your staff to plug member and program data into best-in-breed tools via your association management software or career hub. These integrations take place in minutes and require no technical expertise from your association staff.

Integration-friendly solutions that make it easy for your software applications to work together.

Associations have told us that switching to a new AMS or updating a career center can be a pain in part because many association management software systems don’t “talk” with their email platforms or eCommerce software. We listened, and we’re proud to introduce this unique, first-of-its-kind app store for associations wanting continuity with their existing tools and flexibility for future technical growth.

The Naylor Marketplace makes it easy for associations to integrate their existing software applications with a Naylor AMS or Career Center and experience a more efficient workflow between the platforms where member data is stored and the tools used to produce your member communication, events, education programs and outreach.

With Naylor, you get the freedom of choice and the flexibility you need to manage your association the way you want.

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Create more valuable member experiences with Add-Ons

We help our clients think beyond the core features of our association software and look for ways to create more meaningful member experiences.

Add extra membership-enhancing capabilities to your association’s AMS and career center platforms through Naylor Marketplace’s add-on modules. Naylor Marketplace’s Add-Ons make expanding your association’s member engagement simple while improving the baseline functionality of your core systems.

Types of Add-Ons include:


Mentoring Module

Events Module

Jobseeker Resources Module

Job Import from Naylor Job Boards

Directory Module

Student Internship Module

Certifications Module

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Adding apps to your member software or career center is a snap with Naylor Marketplace. Let us show you how!

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