Association Management

Unlocking Doors to Keep Members Happy and Wanting to Renew

By Association Adviser staff • May 4, 2022

Your association cannot thrive without key components. And some might suggest that your most important component is your members. Members support your mission, drive networking events, increase social media engagement, provide revenue streams, and, above, all trust you as the ultimate resource for their industry. It’s important that, as an association, you keep your members happy and wanting to be part of your elite network. There are locks that can open doors to keep current members happy and renewing with the right set of keys.

Delivering on Your Membership Promises

Turning the proposed value of membership into deliverables will create trust with this valuable group. If you promise them x, y, z and deliver, not only is the original value proposed fulfilled, but your association can also be assured that non-renewals are not due to failed endeavors on your part. For some members, delivering on your promises will not be enough, but for many this will give your members a reason to renew yearly when the time comes.

In addition to delivering what you promised, focusing on mission-based activities through social media, newsletters, and member-facing items will ensure your association’s message is being seen and heard. It is essential to always remind your members about components of your association and what you can offer them professionally versus what they will miss out on as a non-member. Fear of missing out, aka FOMO, is real and no one wants to miss the party.

Spread the Love – Spotlight Members

To keep turning the lock, there are ways to highlight members at no additional cost to you that could create an opportunity to take your sponsorship program to the next level. Creating a space on your website that showcases a member of the week shows value and makes your membership base feel great about the work they’re doing within your industry. Having an interview showcase asking them questions such as, “How did joining the association help you as a professional within your current industry? “What are the benefits?” could lead to a testimonial piece as well. This will highlight your member and showcase that being a member of your association can be valuable. As a bonus, you can tie in a gift of association swag when they are highlighted.

Think about the last time you made a purchase online. Did you read the reviews? Were you more at ease making that purchase because 9 out of the 10 people said it was great? This is like having your members talk about their experience with your association. Having real life transparent reviews are what people are looking to find. What better way to have a current member talk about why they joined and explaining what benefits and value it brought to them to promote your association. Your members who always attend your events, who always are giving a “like” on your feed, and especially who always renew their membership are your key holders for testimonials.

Celebrate Milestones

Everyone wants to be seen and heard. So do your members. Especially the ones who have been long-time members. One way to see and hear them is to acknowledge their anniversary date as a member with your association. Incorporating an anniversary membership gift will not only give them something to look forward to but also will build an interpersonal relationship for years to come and keep their renewals strong.

Help Members Save

Discounts are a way to keep your members engaged. Providing a percentage off an education course as a prize or a discounted ticket to a networking event will not only increase awareness of the class or event, but it will also create value to the member that you recognize them for being a key member of your association.

Survey Your Members to Understand Ways to Ensure Renewal

A way to keep your members happy is by simply asking them what they need from you as their association. A survey can do many things that include collection of data from your members, uncovering member satisfaction or dissatisfaction, monitoring success of an event or education class, and identifying opportunities. Creating surveys with relevant questions can give you answers on how to deliver to your members to keep them happy and renewing.

Creating a space for your members to feel acknowledged, to be seen, and to be heard will create a lesser chance for them to say no when it comes time for renewals. Member engagement is important to keep your association thriving and successful so it’s the ultimate key to unlocking the door for renewals and new members. Talk to an expert on member engagement today to discuss in detail how you can start unlocking those doors and keep them open.


Erica Caceres is Naylor’s Digital Engagement Marketing Manager where she is responsible for producing strategically planned thought leadership content and managing Naylor’s digital platforms, SEO, online paid advertising/SEM, monitoring and increasing the audience for and thought leadership brands, website updates, supporting lead creation and distribution, gaining market insights through surveys, and providing branding support. Prior to joining Naylor, Erica was with the Pennsylvania Apartment Association where she unified three separate chapter associations, developed three websites, increased membership enrollment and attended the national trade shows where she introduced key-note speakers. When Erica is not working, she is caught up in a mystery/thriller book, taking a Zumba class or catching the latest episode of Law & Order: SVU.  She loves being a fairy godmother and has been given the title of the cool aunt. To contact her, email [email protected].