Podcast: Human-Centered Strategy for the Now, Near and Far

By Association Adviser staff • January 20, 2020

If you were hired to revamp an association’s 5-year plan, where would you start? If you’re Garth Jordan, you’d start with the people in the association – and not just the staff or board of directors, but a representative sample of members at all levels of involvement.

Garth is the senior vice president and chief strategy officer for the Healthcare Financial Management Association, talks with us this episode about planning your association’s strategy using human-centered design, and learning to really connect with members by shadowing them to understand their concerns and hopes for the direction of your association. He also emphasizes that associations must plan not only for the now, but for the near and far future.

Strategic plans can look forward, but unless they account for the now, near and far, your plans might not have the resources or manpower allocated properly to execute it.

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