The Benefits of an AI-Powered eNewsletter 

By Elizabeth Crosby • July 30, 2019

Improved Email Visibility

Associations are producing and sharing valuable content for their members, but with businesses and individuals sending 246.5 billion emails per day, it’s easy for that information to get lost in a crowded inbox. Members are more likely to open and read an email newsletter that is unique and targeted to their specific interests. So, how do you personalize your communications at scale? 

The answer: Artificial intelligence (AI). AI can automatically gather and analyze large amounts of data, and then use that data to recommend and customize content on an individual level. Harnessing AI as a tool to power your association’s emails can add more value and increase the visibility of association news and offerings. 

Maximized Value of Career & Member Resources

Maximizing the value of career and other member resources will lead to increased member satisfaction and retention. Leveraging AI newsletters to disseminate your career-based resources is powerful for all parties and stakeholders:

Job Seekers 

AI can be used to serve up job recommendations that are specific to those members who are interested in pursuing new roles. In addition to delivering highly relevant opportunities to job seekers, you can also incorporate other helpful resources such as industry forecasts and interview tips. Whether or not a member is actively seeking a new position, a consistent newsletter will also remind them that your association has career development resources that can be utilized to sharpen or learn new skills. 


Targeting the appropriate job seekers is also beneficial to the employer. They will see an increase in qualified applicants which will improve and streamline their recruiting process. This will ultimately entice them to do more business with your association’s career center or board.  


Higher engagement with an organization’s career board and resources results in an opportunity to drive more non-dues revenue. Employers and third party vendors will be more inclined to spend more on paid job postings and display advertisements on your platform. 


Creativity can often be hindered by tedious tasks that are a part of your everyday work life. AI can automate these processes and free up time for you to focus on producing creative, meaningful content. Curating your internal and external content and email distribution list, in addition to optimizing article placement, send time and frequency are among AI’s many automated features. Being less bogged down with the nuts and bolts of your distribution process allows you to work in a more creative head space which will improve the quality of your work. With this increased capacity, you are also able to focus on driving innovation within your organization and gaining an edge on your competition.

Increased Engagement with Personalization

Once you’ve optimized your creative process and used your data to create quality content – you need to distribute that content appropriately. AI has the ability to personalize emails on a massive scale. It can automatically match each individual’s interests with the most relevant articles and subject lines. This personalization will result in increased engagement which leads to more valuable insights and ways to inform your future content strategy. 

Valuable Insights

As mentioned above, AI can collect and quickly analyze mass amounts of data gathered by the behaviors of each individual reader. This data can reveal important insights into what matters the most to your audience. Knowing what subjects are of the highest interest to your members will help you better decide the nature of your future content. AI tools can break down these analytics in several different ways, for example: topics, sources, and articles. You can use these insights to generate highly relevant content as well as ideas for other forms of marketing. A more informed strategy for your writing will also lead to increased readership and trust in your association.

Are you ready to get started?

Not only can you start reaping the benefits of an AI-powered newsletter as soon as possible – you can do it with a quick and easy implementation process.  If you have questions about taking your association’s newsletter to the next level with AI, the experts at rasa.io and Naylor are here to help. Contact us today for a demo and to receive more information.

About The Author

Elizabeth Crosby is part of the Client and Market Success Team at rasa.io. She is committed to helping associations thrive in a digital world by taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence in the form of Smart Newsletters. Sign up for the rasa.io newsletter receive your own personalized email about the latest AI trends.