When to Add Videos to Your Online Engagement Strategy

By Association Adviser staff • June 23, 2022

An online engagement strategy is important to help guide how your members interact with your association’s online presence. It is only natural that when you are planning your annual member engagement strategy that video is included. With video being an addition to your annual planning, you may have several questions that include how to increase your presence, how to create more engaging content, and how to tie this new content to information relevant to your industry. The information that you are creating must be clear, concise, and quick to consume to keep your members fully engaged. In today’s world where consumers retain 95% of a video they watch, it’s imperative that video is part of your overall engagement strategy.

Why is video important for engagement?

Videos are a creative and fun way to capture your member’s attention quickly. Video is important to drive traffic to your website, boost engagement, increase membership and build your association brand. In short, you want to grab the attention of your members and any potential members to show them who and what your association can do for them. In addition, your platform can be used for educational purposes and video is a quick and easy way to do this.

Where to use your video?

As you may already know, social media has paved a path that has changed the way professionals communicate and retain information posted in a digital format. In 2020, there were over 3.6 billion people using social media. With those numbers, it’s a given that social media is an area where you should be posting videos to engage your members. Imagine how many potential members are a part of those social networks. There are many social media platforms to choose from when posting videos and they’re very important to keep in mind when planning your engagement strategy.

What to include in your video?

What to include in your video will depend on the video’s goal. For example, if you’re looking to round out a certification program by creating educational content, your video will want to be instructional in nature, whereas if you’re looking to teach industry professionals about your association, a more creative video that showcases the value your association brings to your industry might be a better fit.

For associations just breaking into video creation, the content should answer who your association is, what resources are available and how being a part of your association is ultimately the best decision they will ever make. When creating content, include relevant industry information that will help your members make decisions. These decisions include whether to attend an event, register for a continuing education class, secure yearly sponsorships and perhaps most importantly, whether to apply and/or renew their membership. Your members and potential members are online consumers looking to buy your service and help them achieve their professional goals. According to WYZowl, in 2022, 88% of people who viewed an online video about a brand were convinced to buy the product/service they were offering. If you are not adding, or already implementing video in your strategy, now is the time to get started.

How to get started?

After reviewing your engagement data and seeing where you can increase the numbers, it’s time to write out goals. Your initial goals can be to boost new members in a specific timeframe, increase sponsorship activity for your events, or spread awareness about the industry in a quick modern way. This does not have to take up all your time nor does it have to be scary. Getting started can be as easy as pressing record on your cellphone, however, at Naylor, we are dedicated to building fearless and stronger associations. Naylor can help you increase your association’s online presence using a full video production. Schedule a meeting today to talk about your overall engagement strategy and how we can film your first or next production.


Erica Caceres is Naylor’s Digital Engagement Marketing Manager where she is responsible for producing strategically planned thought leadership content and managing Naylor’s digital platforms, SEO, online paid advertising/SEM, monitoring and increasing the audience for Naylor.com and thought leadership brands, website updates, supporting lead creation and distribution, gaining market insights through surveys, and providing branding support.  Prior to joining Naylor, Erica was with the Pennsylvania Apartment Association where she unified three separate chapter associations, developed three websites, increased membership enrollment and attended the national trade shows where she introduced key-note speakers. To contact her, email [email protected].