Why Do Association Awards Matter?

By Kristine Buchanan • July 31, 2018

Here are four advantages to winning association awards

Would you be more likely to watch a movie or show if it were award-winning? Those little words “award-winning” tend to turn more heads, and associations that win awards might get more consideration, too. The American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS) recently won a 2018 bronze EXCEL award from Association Media & Publishing (AM&P) for its eye-catching media brochure, and the association could not be more thrilled.

Founded in 1924, AACS is national, non-profit association open to all privately owned schools of cosmetology arts & sciences. AACS specializes in updating members with information about new teaching methods, current industry events and Washington, D.C., updates through a series of seminars, conferences and conventions held throughout the year. And AACS members act as a family, often helping each other with addressing problems facing beauty education.

Why do association awards matter?

So why do association awards matter? For AACS, being recognized for this award distinguishes them as having a superb value for members and increases their credibility in the cosmetology industry. Winning awards also helps AACS, and it may help your association, attract new members and influence lawmakers by increasing visibility, and propel them as a recognized industry leader and influencer in the future.

In addition, the award will help attract quality advertisers, who are drawn to an attention-grabbing media kit or publication. Attracting more advertisers understandably means more income, which means more chances for an association to get their message out and attract new members. In essence, an award-winning association drives sales.

Being recognized can also instill pride in your members. Current association members and officers are excited to share the news of an award with others, thus attracting new members, and retaining existing ones, who would like to be part of a winning organization. In addition, awards can build motivation within your association team.

Being selected for an award puts your association in the spotlight, which brings accolades, but it also may attract critics—which is not always a bad thing. Constructive advice could lead to changes and improvements to better your association and its value to members.

The work that goes into creating an award-winning association magazine or media brochure has a value all its own. Simply applying for an award or submitting a nomination helps an association reflect on how it might improve its benefits to members. It can help identify what you want to strive for and identify gaps in existing publications. Filling those gaps can help secure the award and put you in a better position for future success.

Where to start with earning awards

It’s never too late to submit your association for an award. Go online and find out what awards are out there. ASAE, AM&P or umbrella organizations within your industry are good places to start. Identify awards that similar associations have received. Apply, and improve your association, boost your members’ confidence and attract quality advertisers.

Here are four advantages to winning awards:

Elevate the credibility and status of your association.

Awards can raise the credibility of your association, its members and officers. An award also increases visibility for your association.

Educate and attract.

Awards can draw new members and show more value to advertisers.

Instill member pride.

Current members are excited to share the news of an award with others. Awards can also build motivation within your association team.

Increase member and advertiser loyalty.

Knowing that your association is skilled and recognized for its work and services encourages member loyalty and drives sales for association publications.

Entering and subsequently winning awards makes your association shine. So get your association out there.spruce up your media kit and publications, apply for those awards, and become an “award-winning” association!

About The Author

Kristine Buchanan is an online project specialist with Naylor Association Solutions. Formerly a content strategist, she has a background in editing and writing, and has worked with many associations to help them communicate more effectively.