Association Communications Benchmarking Series

Webinar: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: 10 Years of Association Communications

By Dani Mihalic • October 22, 2021

Join us as we look back at where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re headed through the lens of the 2021 Association Communications Benchmarking Report.

This one-hour webinar reviews important data and findings from the 2021 Association Communications Benchmarking Report and shares actionable recommendations and tips to help associations think creatively and innovate the ways in which they engage and communicate with their members and the industry.
After watching, you will learn:

  • Important trends that have shaped the association industry over the past 10 years and how it compares to where we are now.
  • The top communication challenges being faced by association leaders today and how they’re handling them.
  • Recommendations on how to utilize the data collected in the 2021 Benchmarking Report to create an effective communications strategy for 2022 and beyond.


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