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Webinar: Tweet So Others Will Listen

By Association Adviser staff • October 18, 2015

Oct 2015 Webinar: Tweet So Others Will ListenAt 316 million monthly active users, Twitter is a social media tool whose popularity among association professionals is second only to Facebook. Because it has become a medium for breaking news, sharing rich media, chatting with colleagues and promoting programming, association professionals should know about─and be proficient at using─ Twitter in its full capacity.

This 60-minute webinar recording covers the Twitter mechanics every social media-savvy association communicator should know. We’ll cover:

  • How associations use Twitter to share information and media.
  • How to find and engage industry influencers, potential members and vendors.
  • Creative ways associations use characteristic features of Twitter such as hashtags, Vines, retweets and favorites
  • How associations are bridging online conversations on Twitter with offline activity at events.

Who should watch?

Professionals who manage, direct, or coordinate marketing or communications, communications staff, social media managers, marketing/communications interns.

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