Webinar: Member Engagement is Hard! Why Associations Must Evolve to Thrive

By Association Adviser staff • October 28, 2022

Benchmarking 2022 Webinar ArchiveThis one-hour webinar reviews important data and findings from the 2022 Association Benchmarking Report. We will share actionablerecommendations and tips to help associations evolve their member engagement strategies,better connect with their members and thrive in a world of continuous change. 

After watching, you will learn:
  • Key shifts in how associations are evolving their member engagement strategies and organizations, moving toward a more integrated approach.
  • The top challenges being faced by association leaders today and how they are pivoting to overcome them.
  • Recommendations on how to utilize the data collected in the 2022 Benchmarking Report to create an effective approach to content deployment, technology adoption and non-dues revenue generation.

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