Webinar: How to Use an Internship Section on Your Online Career Center

By Association Adviser staff • January 17, 2019

Nothing exceeds the excitement that radiates off of a student getting ready to graduate or an industry newcomer who is excited about their career change. Except, perhaps, the fear that is palpable about next steps!

Internships are key in helping students, recent graduates and career changers build experience. A section of job listings just for internships can be incorporated into your existing career center. Learn how to start or improve your internship experience with the help of your Naylor online career center and the internship module.

Download our internship module webinar recording to learn how to become a life boat in a sea of terror by offering an internship section.

You will learn:

  • The benefits and goals of the internship module from both an employer and student’s perspective.
  • How this can seamlessly be incorporated into your existing career center as an additional member benefit.
  • Promotion of this module to your existing career center users and members.

Download the recording • View the webinar slides