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Associations Want Upgrades to Member Databases and Websites

By Association Adviser staff • November 5, 2012

By Association Adviser staff

If you think your member database is falling behind the times, you’re not alone. Nearly 30 percent of the 181 association leaders who have responded to last month’s Association Adviser enews reader poll said “changing or upgrading their member database” would have the “single greatest impact” on their organizations.

It might be time for a website makeover as well. About one in five (19 percent) respondents told us that “redesigning or enhancing their website” would have the single greatest impact on their organizations. Almost the same ratio (18.2 percent) told us that offering “more mobile tools for members” would be most impactful for their organizations.

Finally, one in three (34.8 percent) respondents said that either creating video or improving their social media platforms would have the single greatest impact on their organization.

Which of the following technology investments would have the most impact on your organization?

When it comes to member databases, Renato Sogueco (CIO, Society of American Florists) said he’s not surprised by the results because associations are increasingly learning to look at their members’ psychographics and online behavior patterns, and not just their demographics and company contact information. You need your member database to provide that kind of information for you if you want to stay relevant, Sogueco said.

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