Twas the Day Before Holidays

By Association Adviser staff • December 20, 2018

Twas the day before holidays, when all through the hall,

Not an inbox was pinging, not a phone rang with calls.

Computers were shut down, cell phones powered off,

In hopes of time for family, hockey and golf.

Winnipeg Holiday Party 2017


The reps were busy cleaning off their desks,

Looking forward to time for fun and rest.

And I with my cream and two sugars I take,

Had just settled down for a long coffee break.


When out on the floor there arose such a ruckus,

I jumped from my chair to see what the fuss was.

From the top of the stairs down to the lobby I peered,

And saw one Naylorite looking back with fear.

Nicole Araujo and Kim Howells Holiday Showcase 2018

“We’ve a beautiful tree, twinkling with lights,

Decorated with toys and Christmas delights.

A menorah that glows, a Kwanzaa rug too,

Toys for tots and delectable food.


“But through our holiday hustle, we cannot forget,

About those whose business we never regret.

They trust us to create content that’s not rubbish:

Our clients whose communications we publish!”

SaraCat Goodwin and Larissa Flores at IAEE Expo Expo 2018


“You’re right!” I exclaimed, “Let’s do something grand.

Let’s bring in the fanfare, let’s strike up the band!

Our associations are the reason we’re here,

And our advertisers keep the presses humming all year.”

Attendees at TSAE's 2017 New Ideas Annual Conference in Houston


We enlisted the help of some Naylor elves,

To stock winter cheer along all of our shelves.

Bright paper was unwrapped and ribbons unreeled.

But what could we gift to such divergent fields?

Austin, Kaydee, Kent at Oracle Modern Customer Experience 4-10-18


To healthcare, to legal, education and HR?

To meeting planning, manufacturing, and management of cars?

To building maintenance, construction, farming and soil?

To utilities, architecture, retail and oil?

Chris Zabel and Troy Woodham at AGC of America Convention Feb. 26, 2018

“A thick magazine!” said someone, “Filled with good news,

Or a directory, career center, learning platform they’ll use.

To build their image when things appear down,

And be reminded of our passion the entire year round.”

Association Forum Honors Gala 2018

So we wrote and photographed and curated contents,

Programmed and marketed and staffed many events.

We polished our AMS; job board listings we sold,

In our efforts to make customers look like gold.

Andrea Nemeth AM&P award

Your success, dear viewer, propels our attitude,

Working with you fills us with gratitude!

Through highs and lows, for associations we’re not quitters,

We’ll shout it from the roof, and post it on Twitter!

President's Excellence Awards


Our warmest wishes to you and yours,

For health, happiness, growth and more.

As 2018 starts to fade out of sight,

Happy holidays to all, and to all a good night!