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Top Reader Polls of the Past Three Years

By Association Adviser staff • March 19, 2013

By Association Adviser staff

As regular readers of Association Adviser know, monthly insta-polls are one of our most popular features. Nearly 20,000 poll responses have been tallied to date and the results give our editors and followers a quick way to take the pulse of the profession. The Top 3 polls for each of the past three years are listed below. It’s interesting to see how your peers’ concerns have shifted from strategy (2010) to communication and innovation (2011) to tools and technology (2012).


  1. What criteria does your organization use to benchmark itself against its peers?
  2. How clarified is your organization’s social media strategy?
  3. Which of the following best describes how your organization measures member satisfaction?

Biggest surprises of 2010: Less than one-third (31.7%) of surveyed Association Adviser readers said they benchmark themselves against other associations within their industries. Almost half believed they had their social media strategies locked down. More than 60 percent of respondents said they did not survey their members at all or they relied primarily on anecdotal member feedback.


  1. What is the No. 1 communication challenge your organization is currently having?
  2. Which social networking activity are attendees doing the most at your events?
  3. Which best describes the way your organization brings new ideas to the surface?

Biggest surprises of 2011: According to our readers, blogging was the second most frequent social networking activity that attendees were doing at association conferences. Also surprising was the fact that nearly one in four associations (22%) encourage ALL employees to suggest new ideas and that more than 60 percent of associations felt they were not communicating their member benefits effectively or were not maintaining their position as the No. 1 source of industry information.


  1. Which of the following best describes how you think your members use smartphones on a regular basis?
  2. For what purpose is your organization using Quick Response (QR) codes the most?
  3. What type of system do you use for membership management?

Biggest surprises of 2012: There was not a clear market leader when it came to membership management systems. Smartphones were not being used heavily for “voice” conversations, and more than 25 percent of readers were using QR codes to register for Webinars and online learning opportunities.