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Tips & Tricks for Creating a Google+ HoverCard

By B.L. Ochman • February 7, 2014

Tips for creating a Google+ hover card video
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A HoverCard is an image at the bottom of a Google Hangout video screen that can identify who you are and what you represent. It’s a concise, visual way to brand yourself and your organization while using Google+ hangouts.

In this 5-minute video, MaximumPlus CEO B.L. Ochman shares the tips and tricks you’ll need to create a terrific HoverCard.

Your HoverCard is created from your G+ Profile and it shows up in at least 25 places on Google platforms, from email to YouTube to your Google+ Communities.

Your HoverCard will be seen when anyone hovers over your name on:

  • Your posts on Google+
  • Every comment you make on Google+, YouTube, Blogger and more
  • Lists of people and recommendations from Google
  • Your +1 mentions
  • Your own posts, when someone hovers over your name
  • Your comments on Google Events
  • Community member lists
  • Hangouts on Air (attendee and filmstrip participant card pops up when you mouse over the name)

To make your HoverCard, go to the drop down menu on the left side of your GooglePlus homepage. Click on profile, then about. Locate “Story” and click on “Edit”

Create a descriptive TAGLINE of approximately 45-50 characters.

Watch the video for additional tips and tricks.

Nobody knows why the tagline doesn’t show up in your Google+ profile, or why your education doesn’t show up on your Hover Card. You’ll have to ask Google to explain that. 🙂

IMPORTANT: Don’t worry. You can’t break anything by experimenting. You can always make additional changes. Now go get started on your Google+ Hover Card!


B.L. Ochman is a digital strategist to blue chip companies, Google+ coach for associations and agencies, publisher of the What’s Next Blog, CEO of MaximumPlus Workshops and a contributor to AdAge Digital Next. She was recently named one of the top 40 social media strategists in the world. She is based in New York City.