Our Takeaways are Now Tweetable

By Association Adviser staff • May 19, 2014

Avid readers of the Association Adviser hub may have noticed a recent change that we have implemented with our newer articles. Instead of posting key “Takeaways” at the top of each article, we’re now posting “Tweetables,” which are hyperlinked takeaways that you can share via Twitter with a click or a tap.

What’s the secret? We’ve been using a Web app called ClickToTweet to create and post these Tweetables. ClickToTweet allows you to predefine the information you want your users to share on Twitter, and to embed a story-related hashtag and link within the tweet.

ClickToTweet makes it easy for readers of a blog or site to share content quickly with others without having to come up with a clever tweet on the spot. Clicking the ClickToTweet Twitter icon takes care of the creativity for you . However, you can also edit and tweak the pre-written tweet before publishing to your feed.

  • Web apps/plugins make it a snap to create instant tweets from your digital content. Tweet: Web apps/plugins make it a snap to create instant tweets from your digital content:
  • Instant-tweet apps help you maximize the visibility of your quotes, facts/stats & presentations.
  • Online conversations require a way for both parties to share ideas, so make sure to give your audience a voice.

Why tweet through an app?

Kevin Baldacci, content marketing analyst for’s wrote a compelling article that shares his strategies for optimizing Twitter engagement using ClickToTweet and Slideshare the online hub for slide presentations (think YouTube for the corporate Powerpoint and Keynote set). He generates thousands of shares and qualified leads using this method.

According to Baldacci, the point of this content strategy is to allow users to share “bite-size” pieces of content from within your deck. In order to maximize the effectiveness, make sure you create a deck that contains tidbits of interesting content, including quotes, facts/stats about your industry, business insights or key takeaways from a webinar slide deck.

Another great example is how Danielle Laporte elegantly uses ClickToTweet in her email marketing. Her knack for using poetic and intriguing phrases pique the casual viewer’s curiosity and generate clicks back to her website.

Interested in using ClickToTweet for your site?

ClickToTweet works like a URL shortener, such as or It only stores five tweets, unless you sign up for a paid account; then your storage is unlimited. If you don’t sign up for a paid account, you can still create Tweetable links, but they won’t be tracked.

ClickToTweet is accessible through its website on any browser. For WordPress users, there’s a plugin that makes sharing your content with the world even easier. One caveat: When using ClickToTweet, any links in your tweet will be shortened and formatted to start with

While other apps like this exist, we like ClickToTweet for its examples and tutorials that can teach you how to use it in a flash.

If we’ve piqued your curiosity and you decide to try ClickToTweet for your association’s website or blog, please come back and let us know how it works for you.


Remember, social media is designed for two-way conversations, not simply one-way broadcasting. Online conversations require a method for both parties to communicate their ideas, so make sure to give your audience a voice.