Strategies for Enhancing Your Career Center’s Visibility and Boosting Revenue During an In-Person Event

By April Dunnett • October 4, 2023

Your association’s events hold a significant role in establishing your organization’s prominence. They serve as catalysts for strengthening your community, enhancing brand recognition, facilitating networking opportunities, establishing thought leadership, and generating revenue. Months of meticulous preparation and hard work go into ensuring that your events are successful, and a crucial aspect of this success lies in engaging your members effectively. 

One often overlooked area of event promotion and programming for associations is the integration of their career center or job board on-site at their events. Here are several distinctive strategies to accomplish this: 

Booth Presence and Handouts: 

Utilize the available space by setting up a booth for your career center. A booth or table can serve as an effective means to educate your event attendees about the value of your career center. Consider providing informational flyers or handouts that highlight the benefits of your career center, including instructions for employers and job seekers on registering, posting, and applying for jobs. Ensure that knowledgeable staff members are available at the booth to address questions. 

Registration Kiosks: 

Leverage the foot traffic at your event to promote your online career center. Set up computer kiosks where attendees can easily register, post job openings, or search and apply for positions. 

Career Fairs: 

Make your event multifaceted by organizing a career fair. Face-to-face interactions remain unparalleled in the world of job hunting. Promote the career fair within your online career center to incentivize registered users to attend, emphasizing the valuable connections and employer relationships they can cultivate at this in-person event. 


Engage more candidates with your career center by offering giveaways. Encourage job seekers to register on your association’s career center during the event and enter them into a prize drawing. Consider prizes related to career resources, such as resume writing services, coaching, or discounts on membership dues. 

Job Listing Promotions: 

Show appreciation to employers attending your event by offering job posting discounts tied to the occasion. Distribute postcards offering discounts on future job listings to attending employers, keeping your association top of mind for their hiring needs and potentially boosting non-dues revenue. 

Career Center Learning Sessions: 

Provide additional training and insights into your career center platform during the event. Some attendees may be unaware of its existence or hesitant to use it. Offer sessions explaining the benefits of your career center and guiding users on its utilization to attract more participants. 

Resume Writing and Coaching Sessions: 

Extend your career services to attendees, motivating them to use your online career center. Collaborate with professional resume writers or experienced members who can offer career coaching. Make these services available to registered career center users, creating a valued perk for event attendees. 

By promoting your career center at your on-site event, you’ll naturally drive more traffic to the center. Simultaneously, reciprocally promote your events within your career center platform by including event information on your career center pages. This approach widens your event’s exposure, engaging your career center audience more effectively and potentially increasing both event registrations and additional dues revenue for your association. 

Leverage your association’s events to promote your online career center, and you’ll discover that it’s an effective way to engage more members while also boosting non-dues revenue. 

Naylor’s expert team can assist you in seamlessly integrating your career center with on-site events. Contact us today to explore how this can benefit your association.

About The Author

April Dunnett is a director, partner development with Naylor Career Solutions. Reach her at [email protected].