Naylor 50 for 50

Quiet, Please! The Story of the Naylor Phone Booth

By Association Adviser staff • January 3, 2019

Quiet, please, we’re making a very important call! Do you know why there’s a telephone booth in the lobby of our Gainesville office? When Brent Naylor and Michael Moss started the company in 1969, they couldn’t pay for long-distance phone service in their office. So they would get a roll of dimes, go outside to the nearest phone booth, and call on unions, associations, and the businesses that supported them across Canada to pitch their directories, rosters, and advertising spaces. They didn’t give up until they ran out of dimes.

Kaydee in Phone Booth
You can still make a call from the phone booth in the lobby of Naylor’s Gainesville office!

That determination helped grow Naylor into the comprehensive solution provider we are today! It’s our 50th anniversary in 2019 and we’re celebrating all year with stories from our past and visions for our future.

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