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How Would an AMS Company Select an AMS?

By Association Adviser staff • December 8, 2015

AMS (association management software) platforms can be a huge asset in managing your association’s membership data. However, we know that changing processes can be just as stressful.

Our April 2015 webinar, presented by Brian Choate, executive vice president of Timberlake Association Solutions, and Debbie Rhoda, business development director of Timberlake Association Solutions, covered how to select the right AMS provider.

Both Brian and Debbie address several key points, including:

Before the First Call: What do you need to ask yourself, your organization and your stakeholders?AMS Webinar iPad

  • Who are we?
  • How do we do it today?
  • Define the business issues you hope to solve with an AMS.

A small amount of work at this stage will save five times the amount later.

Initial Conversations: There are some key points to keep in mind when deciding which vendors to move forward with. Focus on:

  • Important features
  • Consultation and implementation
  • Data conversion
  • Training and timelines
  • Post-launch and support services
  • Request a written quote

The Demonstration: It’s time to see what the solution is all about and if it’s the right fit for your association. Here’s what you can do:

  • Schedule a 60- to-90-minute demo with each vendor.
  • Provide specific points of interest.
  • Get to know the AMS provider’s website.
  • Call into customer support before the demo.
Choose an AMS Provider eBook
For even more info about selecting the AMS provider that’s right for your association, download our free eBook, How Would an AMS Company Choose an AMS Provider?

After the Demo: Now that you’ve seen the highlights of each solution, understand what you need to keep in mind next. Here are post-demo questions to ask yourself:

  • How well did the vendor get to know my association?
  • Did they demonstrate the specific points of interest?
  • Is this something I could look at all day?
  • Are they a cultural fit?

Any change can be nerve-racking, especially one that has such a great impact on your association’s business. With so much at stake with your association’s bottom line revenue, membership data and website, it’s important to understand what you need to consider when narrowing the field. You may use this process as a guide for selecting the AMS vendor that’s the right match for your association.

If you would like to watch the full-recording of this webinar or download the slides, please visit our webinar archive page here.