Podcast: Create Steak and Sizzle for Your Virtual Sponsorships

By Association Adviser staff • January 22, 2021

Tobais Schremmer
Tobias Schremmer, Digital Summit

We’re almost one year into the COVID-19 pandemic in North America, and virtual events – or at least hybrid events with both in-person and virtual components – are here to stay. One aspect of virtual event production that’s essential to do well is meaningful virtual sponsorships that encourage exhibitors to continue their financial support of the association. But how do you connect your sponsors with attendees when they’re separated by two screens and a WiFi range? What benefits do you offer when you can’t guarantee a certain amount of foot traffic past their booth?

Tobias Schremmer, director of sponsorships for Digital Summit, shares how he and his team have created virtual sponsorship packages that contain the “steak” – the attendee interactions and information that sponsors and exhibitors want – plus some “sizzle,” or extras you should throw in to make virtual sponsorships with your particular association worth continuing during this period of remote gatherings. In this episode, hear what they’ve learned about offering a meaningful virtual sponsor program that still leaves exhibitors satisfied with their ROI.

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