Podcast: Modernizing Your Association with WRLA

By Association Adviser staff • May 2, 2019

Kelly and Kaydee speak with Liz Kovach and Jessica Cranmer of the Western Retail Lumber Association about the work they and their staff are doing to modernize WRLA’s events, industry talent pipeline, and government relations.

WRLA began in 1890 as an organization to facilitate the success of the building industry. Today, it represents 2,400 member businesses and 262,000 Canadians employed in building material-related industries.

Liz and Jessica talk about updating WRLA’s Buying Show with an educational track (it never had one until last year!). They describe WRLA’s partnership with the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology that aims to show students that working lumber industry doesn’t mean you become a lumberjack. They also share their plan to regroup with related associations and create a strategy for advocating for the lumber industry at the federal level.

Listen in if your association is considering becoming more involved in government relations!

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