Podcast: How Building Stronger Member Relationships Drives Value & Non-Dues Revenue

By Association Adviser staff • July 9, 2024

In this episode of the Association Adviser podcast, Christine Shaw, CEO & President of Naylor Association Solutions speaks with Larry Montague, President & CEO of TAPPI.

Larry Montague, President & CEO of TAPPI

Larry shares insights from his international experiences and strategies for enhancing membership growth, engagement, and non-dues revenue. For association leaders seeking actionable strategies, this episode offers invaluable advice on member-centric approaches and global market navigation.

Larry has transformed TAPPI into a beacon of success in the pulp, paper, tissue, packaging, and converting industries. With a background in corporate sales and marketing, Larry’s leadership since 2006 has revitalized TAPPI, focusing on member-centric strategies that enhance engagement and global influence.

Under Larry’s guidance, TAPPI has embraced technical education and global events as pillars of industry advancement. By setting standards and offering tailored educational opportunities, TAPPI ensures members remain at the forefront of innovation. Customized events and strategic communications have further strengthened member connections across diverse demographics and geographies.

Listen to the full episode of the Association Adviser podcast and discover how building stronger member relationships can drive value and non-dues revenue for your association.