Podcast: Don’t Test Your Emails

By Association Adviser staff • September 20, 2019

Email marketing has come a long way since the early 2000s!

Back then, strategist and self-proclaimed email geek Jen Capstraw and colleagues experimented sending emails in place of snail mail to encourage members of the International Art Materials Trade Association to register for an event. There were no hyperlinks within the email. No images. Recipients had to print out the registration form, put it in an envelope, pay the postage and mail it in. But it worked! They even had the foresight to segment, by sending 3 event emails to their 3 main audiences.

Today, email marketing, and Jen’s email prowess, have become much more sophisticated. Jen Capstraw is now Director of Strategic Insights and Evangelism at cross-channel platform Iterable and she is Co-Founder and President of Women of Email, an association of 3,000+ aimed at promoting leadership and cultivating professional growth among women in the email space. Jen is a a self-proclaimed #emailgeek, lover of data-driven findings, and champion of women in technology. She’s also an influencer, motivator, and challenger of status quos.

She spoke with us at Digital Summit Tampa about today’s email capabilities and how anyone can be a proficient email marketer if they take advantage of the tools available to them. And about why you shouldn’t always test your emails! Listen to hear why it’s better to know your audience, and use the content and tactics you’ve seen proven in the past.


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