Podcast: Creating the Place Where Talent Gathers

By Association Adviser staff • June 16, 2021

Brian Hoffman, Illinois Bankers Business Services, Inc.
Brian Hoffman, Illinois Bankers Business Services, Inc.

Brian Hoffman, president at Illinois Bankers Business Services, Inc. loves banking. He loves what banks do for their customers and communities, and accurately predicted in his senior yearbook that he’d become a banker. Now all these years later, he’s president of the Illinois Bankers Business Services, Inc. and Chief Evangelist, Co-Creator and Podcast Host for, a national network of job postings and resources for the banking industry.

Illinois Banking Business Services, Inc. is the for-profit arm of the Illinois Bankers Association. Its purpose is to create non-dues revenue for the association. IBBS started in the 1980s with a focus on selling insurance to members. Since then, the organization has grown to include a preferred vendor program and the online career center, a central hub for job listings and career resources for the banking industry.

Brian explains how BankTalentHQ grew out of members’ stated need for more ways to get people interested in working for banks – and not just your stereotypical teller job, but everything that goes into running a successful bank – marketing, accounting, customer service, human resources, and more. This need for talent, and for people who would make a career out of banking, motivated the creation of BankTalentHQ. It started as a job board that catered to Illinois Bankers Association members, but has since expanded to a network of banking associations in 28 states, with more in the pipeline.

Brian tells us all about the amazing resources BankTalentHQ hosts and how he’s built them. If you’re thinking about adding or expanding your association’s online career center, you’ll definitely want to listen to hear how it can be done.

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