Pathways to CEO Success

By Association Adviser staff • December 5, 2016


No single set of experiences defines an association CEO. The association CEO community is extremely diverse, and CEO career paths resist easy subdivision into the “right” steps to follow.

With that in mind, this report from The ASAE Foundation, sponsored by Naylor Association Solutions, seeks to illuminate the different experiences that provided current association CEOs with the knowledge they needed to obtain their first CEO position, and share advice from CEOs to those aspiring to hold the position in the future.

The ASAE Foundation surveyed current association CEOs in spring 2016 to understand their career paths and identify potential career milestones for aspiring CEOs. As a group, the CEOs who participated in the survey had much in common, including a wide range of work experience and a strong commitment to acquiring knowledge. The participating CEOs cohered most around their identification of the activities that advanced their careers, including cultivating an informal professional network and continuous learning.

Download the full report here.