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Association Leaders Using LinkedIn for a Lot More Than Contacts

By Association Adviser staff • November 5, 2012

By Association Adviser staff

It's no surprise that seven out of eight (86 percent) association leaders are using LinkedIn these days. But how they're using the popular online professional networking platform is more advanced than we expected.

For instance, about 30 percent of respondents to the latest Association Adviser reader poll said they're using LinkedIn to follow or participate in discussion group that relate to their businesses. Another 14 percent are using LinkedIn to generate sales or member leads, and an additional 15 percent—that's about one in eight—are managing or moderating LinkedIn discussion groups for their organizations.

What is the most advanced way that you're using LinkedIn?

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We expect this trend to continue as more than 52 percent of respondents to an earlier reader poll told us they have a social media strategy in place or expect to have a strategy in place within 12 months.