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Best of the Web: April 2012

By Association Adviser staff • November 5, 2012

Allocation of Online Marketing Dollars
Kaci Bower
A website is commonly referred to as “the hub” as all lead-generation activities, whether inbound or outbound, drive traffic back to the site. However, as the number of online tactics continues to grow, how will organizations allocate their online marketing budgets to accommodate these numerous tactics?

3 Unique Ideas from SXSW B2B Social Media Panel
Adam Holden-Bache
Social Media B2B
At this year’s SXSW, one of the strongest B2B social media sessions was the panel “Social Media in the Underground World of B2B.” The panel provided eye-opening insight and touched on some unexpected topics, making it an invaluable learning session for B2B marketers.

Should I Keep My Personal and Professional Identities Completely Separate Online?
Alan Henry
There’s no clear yes or no answer, and what’s best will come down to how much you want a potential employer to be able to find out about you. Balance that with exactly how strong your desire for privacy is, and you’ll know where you stand on this issue.

Email is More Popular Than Social Media
Todd Wasserman
Social media may be getting all the buzz, but email is still used by 85 percent of adult Internet users, compared to the 62 percent who use the Internet to communicate via social media.

Online Consumers Vastly Prefer Email for Direct Marketing Messages
For U.S. consumers, email is the preferred channel for receiving permission-based promotional messages by far. Direct mail and phone calls have sharply declined in popularity, and among the younger set, Twitter messages are on the rise as a preferred method of contact.

20 Phrases You Can Replace With One Word
Laura Hale Brockway
As writers and editors, we need to communicate as clearly and concisely as possible. One way to do this – avoid using corporate jargon and phrases you may not realize are cluttering your speech and writing.

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