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Association Members Using Smart Phones for a Lot More Than Talking

By Association Adviser staff • November 5, 2012

By Association Adviser staff

Do members still use their smartphones for voice conversations? Yes, but not as often as they do for downloading videos and texting.

According to last month’s Association Adviser enews reader poll, almost 24 percent of the 436 respondents to date felt their members were using smartphones to download videos, compared to almost 16 percent who believed smartphones were being used for talking, 15.3 percent for texting, 15.1 percent who said for social media and 14.9 percent each who said for app activities or scanning QR codes.

Fortunately, associations are making a lot more video content available than they used to. As we discovered in January’s reader poll, nearly two-thirds (64.9 percent) of respondents said they are using online video or planning to do so this year—a substantial jump from 40 percent who were using video at this time a year ago.

Which of the following best describes how you think your members use smart phones on a regular basis?