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Associations Plan to Increase Communications Staff in 2012

By Association Adviser staff • November 5, 2012

By Association Adviser staff

Is your communications team overworked? Our latest reader poll indicates the answer may be “Yes.” More than half (56.1 percent) of the 173 respondents to date told us they planned to increase their member communications staff in 2012, including more than one-third (37 percent) who said they were VERY likely to do so.

We were also encouraged to hear less than 20 percent of respondents plan to cut communications staff. December’s sobering reader poll results indicated the majority of association leaders were not blown away by the success of their member communications programs in 2011. Yet, the majority of Association Adviser enews readers seem to be investing resources—not throwing in the towel—to strengthen their communications efforts.


How likely are you to increase staffing for your member communication vehicles?

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