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Poll Indicates NDR Increasingly Important to Association Operating Budgets

By Association Adviser staff • May 11, 2016

Are you sensing more pressure than ever to keep membership dues in check? If so, you’re not alone. Preliminary results of our unscientific reader poll show that one out of every two readers (50 percent) believes non-dues revenue (NDR) should account for more than half of their operating budget. An additional 12 percent of respondents believe that NDR should account for between one-fourth and one half of their budgets. Just over one in three readers (38 percent) believe NDR should account for less than one fourth of their budgets.



As we discussed last month, continuing education and live events are the two NDR areas in which association leaders would most like to improve (see below).

Which source of non-dues revenue would you most like to improve in 2016?


Meanwhile, early results of a new Association Adviser reader poll indicate that associations are putting a lot more muscle into the education portion of their live events and into attracting younger members. Nearly one third (30 percent) tell us they are creating separating networking events for young leaders and are inviting younger members to their event planning committees (20 percent). Three in ten respondents (30 percent) say there are creating separate education tracks or awards for younger members and one in five (20%) are cultivating a social media presence during their events.

When it comes to younger members, Sylvia Newell, Executive Director, Canadian Association of Railway Suppliers (CARS) said “they need to get engaged and participate in the direction of our association by joining a committee.” Combining that with CARS’ new scholarship program, Newell said her organization is doing everything it can “to make the railway industry as sexy and appealing to the next generation as possible.” Read more insights from Newell.