Rethink Your Communication Strategy: More Member Engagement Through Retargeting

By Association Adviser staff • November 15, 2021

This is the digital age. There are few guarantees in life; however, I’m certain you have networked on LinkedIn, scrolled through Instagram and Facebook, watched movies and shows on Netflix or Hulu, or purchased items on Amazon. While you were doing those things, whether you realized it or not, your data was being collected, and you happily agreed to those terms. So why did you agree to those terms? Because there is an inherent understanding that when you visit those websites, you want your visit customized and tailor-fit so that you have a better user experience. With that data collected, you receive customized messaging, you are able to save your favorite items in a list and you receive advertising for items that might interest you based on the preferences that you set. You saved a movie to your list and gave it a thumbs up, so Netflix recommended another movie that you might like. You liked a friend’s post on Facebook about their new sweater they bought, and now there are ads for that very same sweater showing up in your feed. Those are just a couple of small examples of how powerful data can be. And that, in a nutshell, is retargeting. So what do data and retargeting have to do with associations?


In one word, everything.


Associations vs. Social Media

When you stop and think about what associations actually do, they are content producers and connection points for members – they’re audience makers. Does that sound familiar? It should. Because that’s exactly what Facebook and LinkedIn do. Your association is currently sitting on a proverbial gold mine of current member data that can not only help your communication strategies become more customized and effective but can also boost your non-dues revenue. 


Retargeting is a way for your association to take ownership of its digital spaces using that valuable member data, much like Facebook does. It also keeps you in touch with your digital audiences and reveals how they are interacting and communicating with you in real-time. In action, it’s considered digital impressions, like display, video, etc., but it’s really no different than email marketing, except it’s much more controllable and customizable – and it provides more real-time business insight.

Retargeting allows your association to be agile and to better connect with your members and former members, with relevant messaging. Instead of sending cluttered and impersonal messaging or displaying irrelevant advertising, your communication strategy can be more impactful. It can also help to create better audience experiences with initiatives such as preventing programmatic advertising and messaging from showing up after a member has made a purchase. In a sense, associations should start thinking more like Facebook in terms of what they can take ownership of and how they can present their services to their members. 


Why Should My Association Use Retargeting?

Your association needs to communicate with its members and be able to respond when your members communicate with you. The good news is that retargeting is relatively inexpensive, so your association can talk … a lot. It’s a lightweight touchpoint that doesn’t clog up a mailbox, meaning you can frequently update and introduce new messaging. 

Struggling with workload and the need to be able to respond in real-time? Don’t worry! The “programmatic” part of programmatic advertising means that, in many cases, you can “set it and forget it” without losing the custom feel of relevant and purposeful communication.

With retargeting, your members feel more connected in this customized way of messaging, which nets a result of driving your non-dues revenue up.


Retargeting Does More For Your Association

Retargeting is just one of the tools that we suggest associations have in their arsenal since it’s crucial to an association’s success and it allows associations to communicate with their audience in a real way, in real-time.  



At Naylor, our one goal is to build member engagement while driving non-dues revenue for associations – it’s what we’ve been doing for over 50 years in over 80 different industries. Naylor’s dedicated retargeting team has been helping associations launch retargeting efforts since programmatic advertising began. The team has knowledge of cost-effective solutions that are easily applied, which help partnering associations improve their communications strategy, increase engagement and grow non-dues revenue.


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