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Did You Know? Video Livestream and Mobile Apps Among the Fastest-Growing Sources of NDR

By Association Adviser staff • April 28, 2014

As we discussed last month, the subject of non-dues revenue (NDR) is top of mind with our readers. So we decided to drill down into the NDR well to see which types of NDR programs were growing the fastest for associations. Again, the idea was to look at the fastest-growing sources, not necessarily the largest. But, many familiar categories remain near the top of the list.

According to our unscientific poll of Association Adviser readers, conferences and live events were the fastest growing sources of NDR for nearly one in five readers (18 percent), video live-streaming (13.4 percent) moved to the No. 2 spot, slightly ahead of long-standing association staples, including continuing education (12.4 percent), advertising (12.3 percent), charitable donations (11.2 percent) and corporate affinity programs (10.1 percent). Perhaps another sign of the times, sponsorship of mobile apps appears to be the fastest growing source of NDR for 11.3 percent of our readers’ organizations.

See Kelly Donovan’s story  for more on this topic.

Nearly 100 readers have responded to the poll thus far.


What is your organization's fastest growing source of non-dues revenue?


As TRSA President Joseph Ricci explains in Hank Berkowitz’s column today, his organization’s print advertising revenue is now at a 10-year high, but there is “definitely a push toward alternative advertising” in e-newsletters, social media and other Web-based platforms.