[Infographic] Grow Your Online Career Center

By Association Adviser staff • July 17, 2019

Starting or improving an online career center doesn’t have to be a Herculean task. However, some planning and coordination around who will help make your career center improvements, and how your association staff will continue to update your career portal after the initial start/upgrade, goes a long way toward making it a resource that members find useful.

We’ve written about how two prominent associations used the a 6-step project management process to turn their online career centers into resources that resulted in more new users and more page views than before their career center renovations. Here, we’ve distilled those six steps for updating your online career center into an infographic for easy reference. Share this with colleagues who also work on your association’s career portal to ensure everyone knows the process.

Click on the infographic to download a high-resolution, printable PDF version.

Grow Your Career Center Infographic