Increasing Member Engagement Through Events: Part II

By Najla Brown • May 15, 2024

In this two-part series, we’re discussing how any association can utilize events to increase member engagement.

As discussed in the previous post, member engagement stands as a cornerstone of success. One of the most effective means of bolstering member engagement is through the strategic planning and execution of events. In part two, we’ll explore how associations can harness the power of events to increase member engagement at every turn.

Social Media & Campaigns:

Before the curtains rise on an event, associations have a prime opportunity to generate buzz and excitement among their membership. Leveraging social media platforms and targeted marketing campaigns can amplify visibility and encourage early registration. By actively engaging with members on platforms like LinkedIn, X and Facebook, associations can spark conversations, highlight featured speakers, and share sneak peeks of event activities. Strategic use of hashtags and compelling content can further extend reach and attract new audiences.

Crafting informative blog posts, designing eye-catching landing pages, and integrating downloadable resources into email campaigns all serve to pique interest and drive registration. By providing valuable insights and teasers about what attendees can expect, associations can cultivate anticipation and excitement leading up to the event.

During the Event:

Once the event is underway, maintaining momentum and engagement is paramount. Associations should aim to provide a dynamic and enriching experience that not only educates but also entertains. Facilitating opportunities for networking, knowledge-sharing, and interactive participation can elevate attendee satisfaction and foster lasting connections.

Technology plays a crucial role in enhancing engagement during events. Mobile apps can keep attendees informed about schedule changes, facilitate communication, and provide avenues for feedback. Whether the event is virtual or in-person, ensuring accessibility and ease of use is essential for maximizing attendee satisfaction.

Participation Activities:

Interactive activities tailored to the event’s theme and audience can inject energy and excitement into the proceedings. From live polls and Q&A sessions to gamified challenges and contests, these activities create opportunities for attendees to actively participate and connect with fellow members. Additionally, distributing branded event swag not only serves as a token of appreciation but also extends the association’s reach beyond the event itself.

Post-Event Engagement:

The end of an event does not mark the end of engagement; rather, it signals a new phase of interaction and relationship-building. Associations should capitalize on this opportunity to express gratitude to attendees, gather feedback, and lay the groundwork for future engagement.

Follow-up surveys, personalized thank-you messages, and recap content like videos and blog posts can keep the event’s momentum going and reinforce the value of participation. Recognizing award winners and showcasing highlights from the event further cements the association’s commitment to its members’ success.


Events serve as powerful catalysts for member engagement, offering opportunities for connection, learning, and growth. By strategically leveraging social media, fostering interaction during events, and sustaining connections post-event, associations can cultivate a vibrant and engaged community that thrives on shared experiences and mutual support.

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About The Author

Najla Brown is a senior corporate marketing specialist at Naylor Association Solutions. Reach her at [email protected].