Increasing Member Engagement Through Content: Part II

By Najla Brown • February 22, 2023

In this two-part series, we’re discussing how any association can utilize the power of content to increase member engagement.

As discussed in the previous post, content is an important driver of member engagement and can help your association engage, attract and retain members. In part two, we’ll continue our discussion on ways your association can utilize content to successfully engage with your members and meet your members’ engagement needs in your industry through a variety of mediums.


Infographics engage members in a fast and easily digestible manner. They are scannable, visual and informative. When looking to increase member engagement, infographics offer the opportunity to capture your members’ attention. Visual data in the form of content images and numbers make it easier for readers to digest information.

Content that is split up into various sections helps breakdown the visual appeal and keeps the audience focused. Infographics allow data-heavy subject matters to turn into engaging content. Infographics allow your content to come across as educational and more authoritative.

Career Resources

Your career resources should be as enticing as possible. To captivate a wider audience, you need to expand your career content offerings. This will create much deeper and long-lasting engagement between your members. This content can help career growth and personal branding for your members.

Career center resources can include “best practices” or “how to” tips that will enhance your members’ careers or life. More resources can include continuing education and certification programs. Offering these opportunities increases members’ value to employers. These programs create an open and inviting atmosphere for members to develop loyalty and foster long-lasting engagement with each other.


Online content creates a more interesting and engaging experience for viewers compared to the traditional print format. Videos illustrate a message in a creative and fun way that upholds the viewers’ attention. With the creation of movement, sound and text, videos can capture your members’ attention and participation quickly.

Videos of highlights for members to watch are a great way to improve member engagement and improve member retention.

Some video topic examples include:

  • Weekly or quarterly updates from the executive team.
  • Welcoming new members.
  • Highlighting association member benefits.
  • Showcasing a current member or communicating serious news.

In today’s digital world, it’s important to add videos to your overall engagement strategy.


You can extend the life of your onsite event and turn your educational event into online content. Events are the lifeblood of an association for member engagement. Within an event, there are professional development opportunities for your members. Social connection and high-quality networking allow members to create meaningful connections.

After your event is finished, there are chances to turn that event recap into a new form of online content. Your recap can be captured on video, released in a newsletter or you can turn your speaker sessions into event recordings. It will benefit your association to provide more opportunities after your event for engagement, networking and education.


It is important to find as many ways as possible to leverage your content. Multiple distribution channels help push your content to reach a wider audience. Remember to measure your goals and see how your audience responds to the content on every platform. These three channels below can help increase member engagement and attract members:

  • Paid channels can include paid advertisements or pay-per-click ads.
  • Owned channels are mediums like your website, blogs, social media or newsletter.
  • Earned channels are bloggers, customers or anyone who shares your content.

This two-part series on increasing member engagement through content has explored important channels, touchpoints and content mediums to attract and engage members.

There are no guarantees for engagement, but your association can be intentional about the content it creates.

Through examples such as repurposing, member communications, infographics, career resources and a variety of content mediums and channels, your association can engage your members and leave them feeling educated and inspired.

If you’d like to learn more about the content opportunities to meet your members’ engagement needs, download our eBook today.

About The Author

Najla Brown is a corporate marketing Specialist at Naylor Association Solutions. Reach her at [email protected].