#ASAE18 Learning Lab: A Huge Opportunity Awaits with Young Professionals

By Association Adviser staff • August 21, 2018

There are a number of misconceptions about young professionals – both on your staff and in your association – but one thing is true: They just want a seat at the table.

Aaron Manogue and Emily Viles of AMPED Association Management talked about these young professional stereotypes, flipped those myths on their heads, and delivered solutions for how associations today can identify and nurture these future leaders.

Myth: YPs are lazy.

Reality: They’re efficient with their time and resourceful.

What you can do: Make sure you offer them resources that are flexible so they can access them at any time, anywhere.

Myth: YPs are selfish and narcissistic.

Reality: They want to stand out and share their accomplishments with friends and family.

What you can do: Offer new leadership and volunteer opportunities, and follow them on social media.

Myth: YPs are entitled.

Reality: They are highly educated and want to be recognized based on their work.

What you can do: Create more professional development targeted to YPs, including certifications and face-to-face events for networking.

Myth: YPs are disloyal.

Reality: They want to continually approve, have a new definition of “career,” and are good at recognizing when they’ve hit a plateau.

What you can do: While they may change jobs, an association can be a consistent resource for continued education and mentoring.